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Posted by Clotho at Dec 5, 2013 6:37:17 PM
Atlantis Raid with an OM!
NEMESIS bursts through the doors into a clean, well-lit room, where she finds CLOTHO spinning some thread.
CLOTHO: Not much, just spinning some leftover thread and preparing for the season to come.
NEMESIS: I already shanghaied a bunch of greenies and they finished all my chores and have nothing to do. I'm bored...
CLOTHO: Do you have anything in mind?
NEMESIS: Let's grab a couple of ships and blow some barnacle up!
CLOTHO: (looking up interested) Do you think anyone would mind? We did sink the last one.
NEMESIS: Whatevs, I'm awesome.
CLOTHO: We could get reprimanded, but I'm willing to risk it. When could we do it?
NEMESIS: Right away! If we're lucky, everyone will be too busy to notice.

NEMESIS and CLOTHO bolt out of the room and head to the nearest dock...

Raid an Atlantis lair with the OMs!

Meridian: Wednesday December 11th, jobbing starts at 5pm game time
Emerald: Friday December 13th, jobbing starts at 5pm game time
Cerulean: Saturday December 14th, jobbing starts at 5pm game time

The ship will sail as soon as we have 60 jobbers or at 5:30, whatever happens first.

Because it's fun!

We will load a Grand Frigate* on the event crew 'Games of the Gods' and will start a hunt that will last about 3 hours from the moment we enter the monster lair. On Meridian and Emerlad, as soon as the first GF is underway, the second GF will start to load, with Nemesis at the helm!

You are welcome to stay the whole trip or just join for a few battles so please do not ask when we port, if you're tired... simply whisk home.

Every pirate in the ocean is invited to join!** OMs will be the battle navigators for this event. We are hoping to have up to two Grand Frigates, but ship size and number will depend mainly on attendance. Make sure to be there!

Is that all?
No, that's not all of it! After we port, there will be ocean-wide tournaments so that everyone can participate on the spoils!

How can you help?
We'd love to have assistants in our event crew, so if you wish to help, please PM me (CLOTHO) stating that you would like to be part of the event crew for that date. The first 6 players** on each ocean that PM me will be the ones chosen!

Assistants will join the crew (main or alt is fine) to help XO, start frays when needed, assist players who have questions, find gunners and make sure to have players on stations as needed. The crew is set as jobber's delight, so please take note that assistants may not participate in all the booty! Instead they will get a thank you trinket and other shiny things. If you choose to offer to help, do it for the fun, not the profit!

See you all there and let's have a great time! Feel free to post on this thread if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

The small print:
* Cerulean: if we don't have a minimum of 75 pirates on the Grand Frigate by 5:30 pm, we will move to a War Frigate and set sail immediately. If we have 76 or more we will sail on the GF.
** Take note that to join a sea monster hunt, the pirate must be subscribed on Cerulean or have a bravery badge on doubloon oceans.
***I reserve the right to have more assistants depending upon number of PMs

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