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Posted by MSpartans at Dec 4, 2013 7:10:40 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
* Gneiss Emerald

* Roweocracy: Power in the hands working dirty jobs

* This would be good because there are increasingly less pirates willing to do the thankless and mediocre jobs

* Power would be assigned to those with the highest logged hours on the high seas puzzling as a jobber

  • Trophies awarded based on accumulated hours puzzling as a jobber-first trophy awarded at 1,000 hours
  • Clothing that can only be worn by those who have received certain trophies referenced above
  • A special jobber chat based on hours jobbed in that day-chat is activated after 45 minutes of jobbed puzzling
  • Special weapons that can only be purchased once the 5,000 hours trophy has been obtained

-All decisions regarding islands would be decided in the special jobbing chat.
-Jobber King, Mighty Kahuna Joe Young and Kuzko to the Helpless (ie, the pirate with the most jobbing hours), would approach the individual(s) who they want to set up the blockade, or not show up to the blockade, or scuttle, and so forth.
-The non-jobbers who do not follow the suggestions of the Jobber King will have war declared on them until all their ships are sunk and all piracy dreams have been crushed.
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Aug 12, 2011
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