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Posted by joandart at Dec 4, 2013 11:47:54 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Herowena of Cerulean

Doodleocracy- Power is in the fingers of the Doodlers

The rules of our Doodleocracy are simple and few:

1.) The Golden Rule: Doodle unto others, as you would have them doodle unto you. We sometimes sink, we don't win every fray, and we all have different talents. Remember to appreciate each other's strengths, and brush off any "failures". There is always another chance.

2.) The Go On Rule: Whether it's navving in the Cursed Isles, distilling in a hearty's shoppe, negotiating the intricacies of Artpad, or (dun dun DUUUUN) a singing doodle, just have a go at it and have fun.

A Doodleocracy functions by combining all our individual dysfunctions into such an entertaining conglomerate, no one notices any knobbly bits.
Herowena of Cerulean
Still Sleeping With The Fishes

<---Dexla drew it.

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