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Posted by Apollo at Dec 3, 2013 10:33:32 PM
December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
4 December - That's Cracy Talk!

Contest opens now! Contest will finish at midnight at the end of Saturday.

Democracy - power is in the hands of the people
Theocracy - power is in the hands of a deity or religious hierarchy
Autocracy - power is in the hands of an individual
Gerontocracy - power is in the hands of the elders
Sandiamaurisocracy - power is in the hands of the blonde and well-tanned

We know these systems - but we need our own! Your task today is to decide the basis on which the world of Puzzle Pirates should be governed, and describe roughly how power would be assigned and used; you may also want to include your reasoning for why this would be a good choice for Puzzle Pirates!

* You must create your own ~cracy
* You must outline the rules (or lack of rules) and how the system functions (or doesn't function)
* Remember to keep this relevant to the game
* Your entry should be well-written, and hopefully amusing, but the idea you write about can be as sensible or as bonkers as you like
* You have up to 500 words to define your system of government

As a reminder, please read the general rules before posting.
Include your pirate name and ocean at the top of your post, then the name of your system of government, and your manifesto for your ~cracy.

Go Doodle!

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