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Posted by herieman at Nov 19, 2013 1:56:49 AM
Re: Santaa's Pass Along
How ever, on the other hand, people should be kind because they want to be kind, not because they would be rewarded.

Its not like you'd perform a Random Act of Kindness and automatically get rewarded.

To get a reward you'd have to;
1st Perform an act of kindness
2nd have the person nominate you
3rd the community has to vote for the act to win

So yeah you could perform Random Acts of Kindness with the sole purpose of hopefully being rewarded (kind of against the whole spirit of it), but then there's no guarantee you'll win - ever! And if everyone thought the same the community would undoubtedly be happier and friendlier.

Last night playing Spades my random partner was reading my play style excellently and we dominated the play a few times setting the opponents. At the end of the game we won and one of the opponents blasted his partner for never making the bidded tricks (hard to do when we're dominating the play). I contacted him later and told him he played well and that sometimes its just the way the cards are dealt. I also refunded the 1000 PoE wager to him. He was so pleased, 1k is nothing for me - i just like to play Spades, win or lose. Hopefully i cheered him up from the verbal abuse he received from his partner.

So why did i do that? Is it because im nice - no. It's because i hate arseholes online that ruin other peoples experience. I was pillaging once hopping from station to station, just after a LP he ordered me from sail to carp, and on the Duty Report i get a Poor in Sail and Good in Carp... The OIC then accuses me of lazing on station because i got a poor in sail - i explain that i abandoned station just after LP because he ordered me to carp, but he said "im not stupid, i know you just pressed escape on puzzle and idled" - He then planked me and i found out later he -1'ed me.

I personally believe OM's should give me a ban stick to clear up the oceans from utter dickheads - it's riddled with them!!

I really love the way you combine a serious reaction with a funny way of bringing your message.

How ever, that also would bring people to do.

1st read this post
2nd look for someone who needs help
3rd tell them to nominate and vote
4rd people could even ask.. or pay.. people to vote for them or nominate them.

I really hope the community will not do this.. then i might have lend your stick.

It is a great idea, but while those
utter dickheads
are still around they'll try to find a way to get the items and/or money in a none fair way.
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