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Posted by herieman at Nov 15, 2013 4:28:15 AM
Re: Santaa's Pass Along

There are some decent pirates, Bisca - as mentioned before in previous thread is one...

I would suggest that a thread is set up for documenting...
i) Pirates that have displayed true Act of Random Kindness
ii) The Act of Kindness Performed
iii) A thank you from the pirate that received kindness

At the end the community could club together and maybe reward these players for being nice maybe even get them a nice familiar for being good - maybe even dolls from the OM's could be good.

I have to say this may be a good idea as well, I might convert this threat into that, maybe a RAOK every fortnight where a kind pirate gets rewarded for their efforts.

I do like the idea of kind pirates being rewarded, since most of the time people just say, thank you and then you'll never speak to them again.

How ever, on the other hand, people should be kind because they want to be kind, not because they would be rewarded.

I myself always refuse if someone wants to reward me for something kind or so i did for them.
One should not be rewarded, but remembered.

A pirate who takes a reward for being kind, is not a real kind pirate, he would do it with the reward in mind.

So my reaction in short, the idea is good, but it would create more greed then kindness.
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