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Posted by Massiah at Nov 14, 2013 3:43:13 AM
Re: Santaa's Pass Along
Given how greedy the gaming community is i can see a lot of pirates giving and receiving one of the following;

1) Sticks
2) Fishs
3) Worthless trinkets
4) A few hundred PoE
5) Wooden crates / straw bed
6) Crappy clothes
7) Maps to unpopular / remote islands

I see from yer other thread that yer thinking about quitting the game and giving away yer familiar... may i suggest that you just keep yer stuff - you may want to come back! And if it is to be final - just Trash the Familiar - your altruistic act will be lost to the selfish greed of the community anyway.

There are some decent pirates, Bisca - as mentioned before in previous thread is one...

I would suggest that a thread is set up for documenting...
i) Pirates that have displayed true Act of Random Kindness
ii) The Act of Kindness Performed
iii) A thank you from the pirate that received kindness

At the end the community could club together and maybe reward these players for being nice maybe even get them a nice familiar for being good - maybe even dolls from the OM's could be good.

Unfortunately we'd just end up with the corrupt pirates posting fake RAOK to win something - it's pathetic!

**Gillygilly puts on his "Bah-Humbug" Hat on**

Still i salute you on yer efforts, one lone good heart in a sea of darkness - it cannot be easy!
Gillygilly... defining the meaning of being a Huntard.

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