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Posted by Jeted at Nov 13, 2013 7:44:44 AM
Santaa's Pass Along
Hey guys Jeted, aka Santaa here.

I have started this thread as an experiment to see how into the holiday spirit our fellow pirates are.

*How this works*
Santaa will put up a job listing in the pillage voyage section of the notice board with the description "Santaa's 2013 Gift Pass Along"

the pirate will then trade Santaa anything they like, this can be anything from a minimum of a trinket or 1k up to anything they like (please don't try anything very high in value unless you are feeling generous to the next pirate)
Santaa will then give the pirate the previous jobbed pirates gift (for the first jobber Santaa will just give you either 20k or a prize valued there or over).

Now this will probably only be a 1 time thing unless it proves to be popular, I know this may be a flawed idea, but I really want to try it before i stop playing the game after this year.


* Any green named pirates will be immediately planked, not to be mean but this is just to stop people who might give only trinkets and keep getting back on to get better prizes.

* No repeat jobbings, you cannot come onto the ship twice in in session, although if i decide to do this again you may do so again.

* Be prepared to get planked, once you have taken part in this event I will take note of the pirates name and plank them so I don't get confused with other pirates on the ship.


ADDITIONALLY - There will be no actual voyage taking place, so don't show up expecting to increase "ur UBER gun skillz."
Jeted on Sage (Emerald) Ocean

Santaa on the Emerald Ocean, instigator of the 2011 and 2012 Xmas Giveaways.

I didn't start the Xmas in July ones, but im pretty sure Pegasiswolf dedicated them in remembrance of me

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