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Posted by Jeted at Sep 26, 2013 1:14:45 AM
Re: Inter-Crew SwordFight Tournament
Massiah you are the type of pirate I love to have as a constructive feedback giver. Now first can I say that i had thought about the 'Bye" system and was considering that the Bye either going to one of the first teams to enter or in subsequent rounds the first team to finish first. Also in case of a Bye i would most probably set the fee to the average of that round, i.e. say 6 teams and the 7th in a Bye 4 of the teams pay 50k while 2 pay 25k, the Bye team would pay the average from a normal formula. Although I might also just say that instead of a fee per pirate on the team then just say a flat fee per team, regardless of number, like 50k per round even if 1 team has 2 members and the other has 5.

I agree mostly with your other "fix" points. In fact if you are willing since you seem to be thinking more about the logistics than me if you write out a new set of rules and such if i Verify them then we can use them as the refined set to be in actual place. If you have the time or want to of course. Cheers and thanks for your time mate.
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