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Posted by Clotho at Sep 16, 2013 8:45:17 AM
Limited Edition Portrait Background - From Shack to Hall Edition [Announcing the winners!]
Ahoy, everyone! It's portrait background time!

Have you ever wondered what a pirate home looks like? Is it clean or messy? Is it full of treasures or are those hidden elsewhere? Many have tried to find out and have failed. Pirates tend to be slightly unwelcoming when an unannounced guest shows up at their doorstep.

Will our artists unveil some of those secrets? This month we are looking for a chance to take a peek at a pirate home- whether it's a humble shack, or a fancy estate or anything in between. Which room you ask? Any room of your choice of course!

Entrants will create original backgrounds that are consistent with the theme and style of the game. The image must look sensible with characters placed on it in any of the orientations possible for its size. The preferred file format is .png
Entries must fit the appropriate scale:

1-pirate backgrounds: 348 x 650
2-pirate backgrounds: 696 x 650
Large backgrounds: 1600 x 1170
Expansive backgrounds: 2000 x 1275

Only original art is accepted. You must create the images yourself.
References to copyrighted intellectual properties should be excluded from the entries. We don't want anyone laboring on some amazing art that has to be ignored because of this.
Plagiarized entries, photographs, and other unsuitable entries may be removed from the entry page without notice.
You may use reference materials for your work, but if you base your work substantially on a reference, please acknowledge it in your forum post. You do not need to acknowledge any game art used as reference material.

Upload your images to the YPPedia and name the file according to the naming scheme listed below.

Reworking entries:
To update an entry, please upload the latest version with the same file name as the previous version of the entry. If you want an alternative version rather than a replacement, multiple entries per artist are also acceptable. You can enter multiple times for any theme.

Artists who entered backgrounds in a previous contest: if the background didn't win, it can be submitted for future contests as long as it fits the theme within each contest. Go ahead and enter past entries if you wish, however, you shouldn't submit crops of past backgrounds that have already had a win and have been seen in game before.

Instructions for destination filename
The arrtists have requested a specific naming scheme of files uploaded to YPPedia for this contest that may not be the same as the general YPPedia file upload scheme. Note that this is in addition to the requirements for the image tags. You may also post links to the thumbnails here in this thread for comment. Please follow the naming and image tag scheme below carefully.

Requested format for the filenames on YPPedia:
All in lower-case and put underscores between all the separate words in the title
So, if I want my portrait background to appear as Clotho's Tangled Threads, I would use:

Instructions for tags in the summary field
The tag for this contest is "oct13contest" so that we know which entries to consider when judging starts. The summary field for the upload should be:
{{contesttag|accountname|creditname|Portrait Title}}
"contesttag" is replaced by this month's tag
"accountname" is replaced by your own forum name
"creditname" is replaced by your pirate name
"Portrait Title" is replaced by your suggested title for the portrait background

e.g. {{oct13contest|Clotho|Spinner|Loom}}
or {{oct13contest|Cassopia|Whitenose|Spindle}}

If the name to credit the portrait with is the same as the account name, it would go in twice.
e.g. {{oct13contest|Clotho|Clotho|Tangled Threads}}

Quality of work, style, how well the background fits with the game's theme, and how well the placement of the portrait characters fit into the background are the primary determining factors. The entries will be judged in the Three Rings offices by the arrrtists and the winner will be put into future releases as a Limited Edition portrait background. The portrait background may also be re-used for limited times later, and even (if appropriate) adopted as a longer-term or permanent portrait background, rather than a limited duration one. The same winning artist may be chosen more than once for different entries. Entrants may be asked by the arrrtists to make small changes to their designs after the judging.

The winning entries will be included in the in-game list of available portrait backgrounds for a limited duration. Anyone in the game can use it when it becomes available. In addition to that, each winning entry will receive:
* a Puzzle Pirates real-life item and a pack of playing cards in the mail
* a choice of clothing or furniture item (New!)
* a choice of Bluebeard, Fishheadred, Greenbones egg or doll
* a free copy of their portrait in-game
* Dread Masterpiece trophy

The small print:
* Poe and doubloons (where applicable) for the free copy and the trophy (if the winner doesn't already have it) will be delivered at the time the portrait is available in game. These are lovingly hand-delivered, so it can take a few days to track ye down, feel free to PM me to let me know approximate times when you'll be in game.
* The clothing or furniture can be any item in any colors that can be ordered from a tailor or a furnisher in game. The following restrictions apply: no limited edition colors, no items that require a design to be created and no items that require a certain reputation to be worn or placed.
* An additional clothing item can be substituted for the real-life prizes if the winner does not feel like having a household full of Puzzle Pirates Paraphernalia.
* The real life prize may not be substituted for an additional furniture item.

October 15th 2013, 11:59pm game time

-- Make it look like it came right out of the game.
-- Get your line weights down, and compare with existing portraits to be sure.
-- Keep your lighting consistent with the lighting on the pirate portrait art.
-- Choose a scene that many in the game would like to use.
-- Take your time and rework, going to others for advice and critique.
-- A very small signature in the lower right corner is acceptable.
-- In general avoid words - if you do use them, use them minimally, and only when they are not central to the understanding of the portrait.
-- Pay close attention to your composition - the composition of backgrounds related to pirate placement is a major consideration and sometimes otherwise good backgrounds are eliminated because the nicest elements are blocked by the pirates once they are in frame.

Other suggestions and links:
Questions, discussion, entries and feedback can all be posted here. Good luck!

Edit: Changed the wording for the clothing or furniture items that may be chosen.
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