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Posted by wrs1864b at Aug 26, 2013 7:06:09 AM
Re: Ocean population stats
I wrote: 
Since I want to know what exactly my stats are telling me, I've started an experiment by putting enough alts on an island to significantly change its population and I'll see how long it takes for the population to go back down.

I'm now very certain that the "population of an island" is the number of non-dormant pirates that have their home on that island. As I mentioned above, I ran an experiment by putting a bunch of alts on an island. The population of that island went up by the number of alts I put there, then after 10 days, dropped back down to normal.

Provovative wrote: 
Im not sure I agree, sure its good for 000's finances but playing the game, doesnt matter if there are 50 people online or 100 (if 50 are all alts).

Yes, you really must not read too much into these numbers and you must understand what they are saying. For example, since OOO started a "just login in for one second and get a chance to win a colored familiar" event last Friday, the "island population" has gone up quite a bit, but glowie's "pirates online" numbers haven't gone up more than they normally do on weekends. Yeah, OOO may be bringing back a few old pirates when will log in again and then start playing again, but they aren't getting the 8%-15% jump that the island population has gotten.

While I think the online population is closer to what people think of as an active ocean, the island population lets us see how pirates are shifting around within an ocean, and longer term trends that are larger than the short-term fluctuations. I had some older data for Cerulean, so a week ago I posted a thread Cerulean's island population: Today vs 6 months ago. In another 6months or so, I should be able to show similar info for Emerald/Meridian.
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