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Posted by Karnisov at Aug 14, 2013 12:39:12 PM
Re: Ipad launch has already fizzled out
Algol wrote: 

That said, you were far from alone in pointing out that if the core game isn't playable, the boost will be fleeting. As I said before the iPad release, they need to fix this stuff *now*, before the sour more people.

I really hope pushing the new GUI onto PC users doesn't kill the game.

OOO hasn't listened to us before though, so why should they start listening now? facing the fact that they can't prioritize or design would require a measure of objectivity on their part. it's much easier for OOO to keep deluding themselves than face the hard truth.

and as far as the new GUI, i'm sure Cleaver will blindly trudge ahead with his grand vision no matter how much damage it inflicts on the ever dwindling playerbase.
flinging poo on the forums because its more fun than playing your broken game

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