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Posted by Momma_Wolf at Jul 25, 2013 6:02:43 AM
Victory Raiders Flag Birthday and whisking party
11 AM Game time 27 July.

We'll have our semi-annual whisking party, 2 auctions - one blind, one open, a jumble sale, tournaments and tables galore.

For those that don't know what a whiskiing party is, here's how it works: We'll have the Merry Shiner charted to nearly every island on Cerulean, and have a jobbing up for evade setting. Check your known world map for islands, then hop on the Merry Shiner, look at your known world again, and whisk to any island you didn't already have. Repeat till you have everything on your map when you're on land. We will also have other ships charted for the blind arches, with only one entrance/exit.

Come join the fun, and bring friends - the more the merrier!

Should there be a blockade, we will shut down in time for loading.
Mommawolf, lurking on most oceans
Captain, Blackwolf Marauders of Midnight, now Cerulean
Queen, Victory Raiders of Midnight, now Cerulean

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Getting them is another matter.

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