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Posted by Belthazar451 at Jun 29, 2013 10:01:32 PM
Re: Items for Skellies
Aye, it was there long after houses were - Houses were added in 2005, but item wagering was removed in 2009.

Wagering was removed because people managed to work out what the skellies tended to ask for first, and so would hang onto whisking potions with one swig remaining, or bandanas and plain shirts, et cetera, so that the skellies wouldn't take valuable things. If the skellies did wind up asking for something valuable, they'd just summon an alt and trade it away before joining.

Still, even the junk was occasionally nice to get. I was once part of a winning fray on the eighty-second attempt - didn't have to buy whisking potions for months. =P

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