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Posted by Mcimp at Jun 14, 2013 6:37:41 PM
Re: Piratey Fairytales V: Swan Lake

Is thin cardboard considered 'textured'? (think about the thickness of paper towel tubing)

Card and cardboard are fine, anything flat that resembles paper will be ok. What I'm trying to avoid is the use of expensive custom scrapbooking type papers with patterns or textures that could resemble grass or water, for example, instead of creating the grass or water yourself. As long your entry meets the spirit of 'your own work', there won't be any penalty.

is it Ok to use scrapbook paper though? (since that is what I have available?) Just not to say use a water textured paper to represent all the water, but adding other colors etc to "create the scen" (if that makes sense)

Sure, there will just be no advantage to using fancier papers.
Edit: it's really hard to draw a line here, homemade recycled paper has a bit of both texture and speckles, for example. Use your best judgement, none of this stuff will invalidate your entry, but remember that it's a paper-crafting event, and that will be the focus for judging.
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