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Posted by wrs1864b at Jun 14, 2013 6:21:54 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
I did some digging into my archives and have come up with some plots of the prices of bulky commodities on the five islands on the cobalt side that can spawn greenies. These graphs track the average price you would get if you took a grandfrig, loaded it up with the given commodity and sold it for the best price by sailing between these five islands.


1) Since Cobalt was much busier back in 2009, the GF full of commods didn't fill as deeply into the dockside buy prices so prices are somewhat distorted. Either the prices at the beginning of the graphs is too high, or they are now too low.

2) As pointed out in the OP, Jubilee is the second largest spawn of wood on Cobalt, and the largest spawn of hemp. It is no where near any of the major islands so by colonizing it, these two commodities are no longer shipped by <merchant> bots (or players) to these islands.

3) There are quite a few long periods where there are no data points. These are periods that I wasn't playing YPP. In particular, I wasn't playing when Jubilee was colonized. While the graphs show nice straight lines then, I have no idea if the price of wood jumped right after jubilee was opened or long before then, or what.

4) I tried graphing quite a few variations on this idea, but most results were very similar. In particular if you track each individual island (with only a MB worth of commods), all the islands make very similar graphs, but some islands tend to be consistently higher priced.

5) the "reboot exploit" was when OOO changed the game to keep spawning brigands right up to the reboot.

6) Yeah, I know, the amount of hemp/cane you can fit on a GF isn't right, but I was lazy.

2010-01-20 trading posts
2011-12-03 jubilee opens
2012-01-31 ocean merger
2012-03-21 reboot exploit closed

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