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Posted by harrjm at Jun 14, 2013 6:11:49 AM
Re: Tyranny Events Present.... Blockade Event Madness [New Date 15th June - WIN TWO ISLANDS!
are these points awarded base on per vessel or per vessel per turn?

per vessel: each cutter/dhow/fanchuan gets 5 pts for the full round (points awarded to each individual vessel being scaled down if time on board is less than an entire round)

Per vessel.

It is the maximum amount of points scored by a flag at any one time. So if a flag brings in 3 cutters and 2 WBs to start, that is 35 points (5+5+5+10+10). If a WB sinks and they bring in 2 junks instead, their score is now 39 (5+5+5+10+7+7).
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