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Posted by Godoftheloch at Jun 11, 2013 11:48:33 AM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
Well ill use ig players as moderators on forums (highly trusted ones). They will be given power to lock unwanted threads and ban people from the forum and manage the ban appeal section (will be created). I will develop a more intresting start to the game.. Like Jolly roger(or a bk) vs us and we are on the vessel with bot who is bnaving. The score is max-0 and we will be given details of teaming and so on. I would fix poker and then promote alot of ads. I will create secret missions for dub buyers and will consider f2p players as a gem than cow dung. I will create a new security system with security questions. Then i will allow blockading of most islands. Also i will kill all the oms.

This post isn't very constructive. Try Shore Leave instead.

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