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Posted by harrjm at Jun 11, 2013 10:21:17 AM
Re: Last Fanchuan Standing (Atlantis Style)
Reserved for answering questions about the event.

If Tyranny loses the island to either a bk or a player flag before July 6th will another island be selected or not?

If the island is lost between now and the event, the prize of 250k will be given.
N also PM to enter im guessing is also midnight game time? Just wanted to make sure that was right.

PM to enter, yes. Just send a PM to Harrjm with your pirate name and ship name. Event will take place in game time (PDT).
Can I PM you to enter, and leave the ship name out until the location is released?

Yes, you can submit your name only. I know the location will be random, so a swabby may be costly depending on location
How are you planning to obtain enough charts the same arena?
Charts for this event are being provided by your neighborhood OMs. Thus why we will need to know how many teams are entering so we can get charts beforehand.
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