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Posted by harrjm at Jun 11, 2013 10:20:48 AM
Tyranny Events Present...Last Fanchuan Standing (Atlantis Style) Registration Closed

Edit: Location of the SMH is near Swampfen .

On Saturday, July 6th, starting at 1 PM game time, fanchuans will fight to the death while dodging triks and boarders to win an island and more.

Event details:
1. To enter, send a PM to Harrjm with your pirate name. Ship name will be submitted later after location of SMH is known. PMs must be received by midnight on July 1st. You may have any number of shipmates help you in the event and you do not need to send me their names.
2. A few days before the event, I will announce which island is closest to the Atlantis where the event will take place. You are responsible for moving your ship to the correct location before the event starts.
3. Starting at noon on Saturday, you will be jobbed into the event crew and will receive an Atlantis map. Stay in the event crew so that you can hear event announcements.
4. At 12:45, I will announce a schedule for when each ship must enter the Atlantis board (not the safe zone). It is your responsibility to sail to the Atlantis location and enter the board on time. Failure to enter the board within 60 seconds of your assigned time will result in disqualification. You may wait in the safe zone of the Atlantis board until it is time for you to enter. New ships will enter every 2 minutes, 2 or 4 at a time depending on the total number of participants, and the order of entry will be random.
5. Fanchuans must try and sink each other while avoiding being sunk or taken over by boarders. Ships may not enter the safe zone or a citadel after their scheduled entry time.
5a. Fanchuans may not enter the board before their scheduled time. If you get bumped onto the board by accident, return to the safe zone as quickly as possible.
6. The event will continue until only one fanchuan is left. In the case of a tie (both ships sink in the same turn), the winner will be determined by a group swordfight between the tied crews.

Delta Island (provided by Tyranny), or 250k if you don't want the island (or can't due to fame)
Six identical parrot feathers (no LE colors, no black/white, and no colors specific to monster lairs), 6 Fanchuans
Six identical big cats, 6 Fanchuans
Captain of Gods of War
King of Tyranny
Blockade madman

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