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Posted by wrs1864b at Jun 7, 2013 2:42:29 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
So you have a difference of 10-15 poe/unit between the two halves of the ocean ('low 20s' vs '30-35')? That's not a serious problem and not, imo, large enough to justify trade runs, either. Here on Viridian it's 19 on Jubilee, 23 on Napi and 29 on some high demand Jade islands, but 18 at Drogeo, 14 at Celesta and 15 in Lacerta ... exactly the same, a difference of 10-15 poe/unit (actually higher proportionally), and the ocean seems to be operating fine.

Several things...

First, I can understand players from other oceans not reading this thread closely. Sorry for the long post that repeats some stuff.

Second, when the broken spawns was first being discussed in a Cerulean thread, I said I take heart in knowing that it isn't that OOO doesn't just not care about blue oceans, meridian is pretty messed up for similar reasons. and before the merger even happened, I predicted that the "high demand jade islands" would be commodity starved. So, I'm well aware that Meridian has some problems also.

That said, there are some really critical differences between what is happening on Cerulean vs Meridian.

1) Things will get better on Meridian. Meridian still spawns a lot of greenies, so over time the new players are much more likely to settle on the cheap parts of the ocean causing the demand to even out. On Cerulean, there aren't many new players, so the Cobalt players have a choice of quitting, paying a huge premium to keep playing or move all their stuff to the Midnight side. Sadly, a lot of old players just aren't going to move (on either ocean).

2) Things will get worse on Cerulean. Take wood. Almost 60% of the wood spawns on Midnight side, but there is only one uncolonized island there that will spawn merchant bots. So, most of the wood on the Midnight side has to be shipped by players and it won't be shipped far. On the Cobalt side, the arrangement of islands means that many of the <merchant> bots will deliver wood to Midnight islands.

When people on Dragon's Nest on Meridian raise their wood prices, <merchant> bots from the Malachite side will stop delivering wood to islands that aren't paying much and will send wood to DN instead. Indeed, the price of wood on DN on Meridian isn't much higher than before the merger and may be very slightly lower.

When people on Dragon's Nest on Cerulean raise their wood prices, wood spawns on the Midnight side will be forced to deliver to ever decreasing priced bid tickets, driving down the spawn rates. No matter how high the prices of wood are on the Cobalt side, the <merchant> bots will not have any more wood to ship. Indeed, the price of wood on DN on Cerulean has increased significantly since the merger.

3) The price of wood on Kirin on Cerulean is currently 36-38, but that is artificially low. Right before OOO released the Trading Post, I gambled big on wood bid tickets which I was never able to sell to shops on Kirin. When the oceans were merged, I had something like 60k units of wood in bid tickets. Between not playing for 6 months last fall, and not playing seriously enough this year to make LE ships in my ship yard, I have been able to live with the <merchant> bots not delivering me a single unit of wood on Kirin. I am now almost out and when I am forced to throw my shops into the Kirin wood market and compete for <merchant> bots, I'm sure the price of wood will break 40PoE/unit, maybe 50PoE/unit.

Ok, so wood is bad on Cerulean and is going to get worse. Sadly, the spawn imbalances for sugar cane and hemp are even worse. I can live with having to ship weld 80 leagues on a sloop. I can't live with having to ship wood 57 leagues from the Midnight side to Kirin.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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