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Posted by marundel at Jun 7, 2013 8:40:30 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game

I would really like to hear from the OOO about this. OOO's booch is forcing me to ponder having to ship wood 40-60 leagues and that is looking like a complete time waste for me and a bunch of jobbers. I think everyone would rather be pillaging or in the inn or anything than mindlessly shippig wood (and other bulky goods) long distances.

Concur. Dockside buy on wood for TLM (Cerulean) is now up to 35 (might be higher - I haven't checked since Wednesday) and hemp is up to 12. As far as I can tell, no bots are delivering. Wood spawns against bid tickets on Charcoal and Ravens are at a trickle. Napi Peak is hitting 29-30 for wood with minimal deliveries by bots. While it's true that both hemp and wood are spawning more frequently on the old Midnight side of the ocean (dockside buys in the low 20s), hauling the bulky commodities over a 25-50 LP route in anything larger than a cutter is time consuming and unwieldy (read: unfun) and detracts from the time available to pillage. Even for someone with only a single SY shop on TLM, it would be nearly a full-time activity just to keep it stocked enough to build anything larger than a sloop.

When the easiest way to get a wood delivery is to open a stall 2 arches away just for the purpose of buying wood dockside for a shop on the other side of the ocean, then something is seriously broken in the gameplay.
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