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Posted by Greg4545 at Jun 6, 2013 11:58:02 PM
EVENT: Buccaneer Fashion Gala Invitational!


I know what you are thinking. Aren't the Blackmaine's Buccaneers the most fearsome sea dogs and wenches on the high seas? Cutthroats and scallywags of oceanlike proportions? Scoundrels and brigands of legends? Why thank you, we are. But while we rule the blue waves with a sail and a cutlass our motto has always been... "if you ain't lookin' the part, don't even start!" So, without further ado, we present you with an event:


WHAT: A fashion show contest to crown the best and the most outrageous looking pirates on the ocean.

WHEN: Sunday, 9 June @ 6:00 PM game time.

WHERE: Cnossos Island

WHO: All fashion savvy mates and ladies are cordially invited. Free rum!

WHY: Because a well dressed pirate is a happy pirate!

The contest will take place in three categories:

  • Best Dressed Sea Dog (male pirates only) - male pirates will be judged on best outfit by our female Celebrity Judge.
  • Best Dressed Wench (female pirates only) - female pirates will be judged on best outfit by our male Celebrity Judge.
  • Best Dressed Clown (everyone) - pirates who wish to challenge their fashion sense and everyone's eyes will be judged on the most outrageous entry. Make sure that this outfit is different from the Best Dressed category, if you enter both.

Prepare your costume(s) and get in touch with Blackmaine, Poisonous, Gangers or any other Buccaneer at any time from now till Sunday 6 PM. If you don't get a hold of anyone till then, don't despair! Prepare your costume anyway and be ready just before 6 PM. We WILL be on at that time and will be dying to hear from you via a tell. Let us know you are ready and we'll send you an invite to the gala. Make sure to have the proper snooty attitude respective to the awesomeness of your costume. It's a fashion world after all!

SPECTATORS: If you would rather not participate in the contest but still want to come to marvel at all the chic brigands, you are also invited! Come ye and come all! There will be shapely legs to whistle at, ample bosoms to marvel at and with the invention of belt and braces - some hard muscles for ladies to faint about.

PRIZES: The prizes will all promote Jazzmyn's Tailoring Stall on Cnossos Island. Winners will be given a 10k shopping allowance at her stall, as well as chromas. Did we mention free rum?

LOTTERY: If in preparing your costume you buy at least one piece of clothing from Jazzmyn's Tailoring Stall on Cnossos Island, you will be automatically entered into a lottery for a limited edition sloop (vintage model). For each piece you buy, you will be given one lottery ticket, up to a maximum of 10. This will be done on honour system and the names will be collected during the event. Note that the lottery is an optional event and no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

CONTACT: Our event coordinator is our very own, lovely Poisonous . Her fashion sense along with the ability to make complete, coherent sentences sprinkled with mostly intact grammar and punctuation make her an ideal front lady. That's more than most of us can muster, so she is it!

Come to the Buccaneer Fashion Gala Invitational and let the inner pirate in you shine!


Captain of Blackmaine's Buccaneers
Mixed Nuts fame
Cerulean Ocean


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