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Posted by TexasBeesh at May 28, 2013 11:34:34 AM
Re: Something HAS to happen
Weekend cades are a really good way to make poe. I have no issue getting poe on Cerulean and I don't join in on Blockades much. I did this past weekend, but normally I don't.

I don't SMH much either. I do like to job on pillages and run comods about.

Getting 10k (maybe 12k if you really like the name) for a sloops is very easy.

You have to remember that on Cerulean there are no delivery fees for anything. It cost less poe to have a good time.

Whisking about is great when it cost...maybe 175 poe (and that is it). Rum runs about 56 poe and we get the same poe pay out on pillages, smh, the doub oceans.

If you really do pay money for doubs to have all aspects of the game open to you, it actually cost you more in RL money to play on a doub ocean than on Cerulean. (Why do you think most players are sent to doub oceans?)

There is of course the benefit of paying absolutely nothing as well and having to deal with the crazy price of doubs.

I like having everything available at a very reasonable cost.

I don't think the tablet release will have much effect on Cerulean as I am sure player will not be sent to it.

I have to agree with Striderrs on the temp spike then back to the numbers it is now.
Seatexan - on the Midnight side of Cerulean
Always looking for Pollack Sloops!

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