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Posted by Randomite at May 28, 2013 3:00:15 AM
Re: Something HAS to happen
Just feeding off some of the posts mentioning the link between the Steam release and the Ipad release. The key difference here is that the Ipad release will do more than get people to know about it. When YPP was released way back when, it was a decent game when compared to lots of other games on the market. It wasn't the best, but it was good enough. 10 years forward YPP is still YPP, however the PC market is stacked full of games that are bigger and much better in quality. The problem with the Steam release was that it put YPP straight into the same market it has always been in, people have been choosing to play alternative games, (as mentioned above, even if Eve has been around longer than YPP,) for years now. For instance, how many players do you know in game that play League of Legends?

The Ipad release won't just open a few extra doors to YPP, it'll put the game into a market which I feel it can compete with what else is on offer. There isn't that many MMO's out on the Ipad yet and the ones that are there aren't exactly amazing, which is probably why people haven't heard about other people playing them yet. YPP would be a decent game on there.

Also bare in mind that the game is still open despite its low population with pretty large developments being made, what with the kraken and the Ipad release. This suggests that OOO are making money from a pretty small playerbase, which bodes well for the game as it does not need a huge take-off in popularity to double the population that's currently active. It doesn't need to hit any top 10 lists, bare in mind it never really hit huge popularity in the "good old days," it just had more than now.

I can't predict the future, but the potential is certainly there. I don't know about other people, but I keep coming back to this game because I keep having fun of it. The blockade scene is still pretty active, people will always complain that there isn't enough but that's simply because they're fun. The puzzles are enjoyable too, which I think will be key for the Ipad market. Who knows, fingers crossed, this could go well.

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