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Posted by mari_ at May 26, 2013 2:28:40 PM
Re: Tyranny Events Present.... Blockade Event Madness [New Date 15th June - WIN TWO ISLANDS!
1. The event is open to any flag regardless of how many islands they hold.

2. No they wouldn't be awarded the same points, it will be scaled based on time entered.

3. Every board is different, once we see the board we will announce what we classify as the "camping" areas, and any ships in these areas will be expected to move. After all if you are sat there, and another flag on a bigger ship is sat there, surely its to your advantage to sink them.

We fully expect the reverse blockade to be the more hotly contested as the realms of possiblities are endless.

The events will be recorded to ensure that we can accurately score and review each round.
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