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Posted by ryujinpp at May 26, 2013 2:14:37 PM
Re: Tyranny Events Present.... Blockade Event Madness [New Date 15th June - WIN TWO ISLANDS!
question 1:
since there are 2 islands as optional first prize in 2 of the events, would the events be limited to flags currently not holding any island?

Reverse Blockade

Rules: The idea is to get as many people onto the blockade board without scoring. Ships surviving to the last five minutes of the blockade will be awarded points. Any points your flag score will be counted against your flag. Your flag's total score is calculated from the ships you field, subtracted from the points you score.

In order to encourage ships to enter the fray, ships bigger than sloops in the safe zone at breaks can be penalized up to the value of the ship entered, ships camping in the safe zone will be penalized, ships just inside the board and camping may be penalized, ships just entering should be exempt. (Final discretion is the judge's).

question 2:
would ships that enter the board at say 10mins before it ends (ample time to move far enough from safezone) that "survived" to the last 5mins of the blockade get the same points awarded as ship that entered the board from the beginning?

question 3:
ships just inside the board and camping may be penalized
how often must a ship be moving in order not to be considered "camping"?
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