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Posted by wrb03 at May 24, 2013 9:15:11 AM
Re: Lay siege en masse to our new server hardware!
Not to be the devil's advocate but I just wanted to add that anything you can do to help keep Puzzle Pirates alive is a good thing. If the ipad launches for YPP in a big way and the servers crash, thats bad for the entire community. If we come out and help fill the servers today and that helps prevent a big crash for the ipad launch you are really helping keep the game alive and maybe grow the population. I know it isn't much but really we should try to support the game despite the various issues we have with the admin team. I'm sure if the YPP support job is anything like real life they'd love to help out anyway they can but their hands are probably tied by management, legal reasons, or if just way too much work for the few amount of people they have.

I'm simply saying that everyone that enjoys this game should show their support to promote growing the population/game. Playing the game for 15 more years is the best reward we could all be given.
- Jublain (Cerulean)
- Captain of Knot Working
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