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Posted by Notsizzly at May 23, 2013 5:27:33 AM
Re: Lay siege en masse to our new server hardware!
720 doubloons, four-and-a-half years' subscription, and a mug. =P

Mind you, strictly speaking, giving doubloons and/or subscription time as a prize doesn't really cost PP a cent. Or at least, it only costs them in potential future earnings...

You know, PP as a game and doubloons last only so long. 4.5 years subscription lasts...well, 4.5 years. But mug! That might last your entire life. You can even pass it on to your grand children! While admiring the Kraken! That is yet to be released...

Strictly speaking, you're right. Everyone else is right as well - it's great to have triple payout and increased chances for injuries but I do understand the feelings of being left out as well the limitations that Three Rings (Sega) has...and why it would be nice to get something in-game if you can't get the iPad. Heck, if it has to be real world item, then send the non-eligible winner a massive pack of those merchandise goodies (yes yes, it's not the same thing as an iPad but it's something) ^^.
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