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Posted by marundel at May 8, 2013 3:28:09 PM
Re: Something HAS to happen
Eve is epic fun, but ├╝ber expensive. I'm here because I don't have to pay a dime unless I want to.

What good is a free game that has nothing going on? It's slowly getting to that point - particularly at key times of the day. For me, I happily pay multiple subscriptions for Y!PP... I would happily pay for any game in which I was having fun. That being said, every time one of them comes up for renewal, I have to consider whether it's worth it - not because of the money per se (all my accounts get the long-time player discount subscription), but because there are less and less activities going on that I enjoy enough to pay for - after all, I can talk to most of my crew/flag on FB or in Skype for free - I don't need to log into Y!PP for that.

For the time being, I can enjoy shopkeeping and merchanting... but I really, seriously miss the days when I could load a WB for a 3 hour pillage and never run out of jobbers. I miss the days when I could sail into a flotilla within 30 minutes of posting a notice. I miss the days when ocean master jumped on board my ship and puzzled or told jokes or threw impromptu ocean-wide competitions. Heck, give me unlimited swabbies so I can enjoy the pillages and flotillas again, and I won't have to keep asking myself, "do I let this account go dormant?"
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