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Posted by Ytirri at May 4, 2013 3:30:04 AM
Re: Something HAS to happen
I agree with you that the playerbase over the years has greatly declined. I remember on the Hunter Ocean sometime in '09 when there was over 12K people living on our old main island of Aimuari, prior to the ocean merge there was only like five, now after I think it is around 4ish? Not entirely sure. Anyway though, I don't think just because there is a sharp decline in the game however that it means they still aren't making profit, and they should just close the game altogether. First off, YPP is run by a business that I'm pretty sure is out to make a profit, so obviously they are making some sort still, or we wouldn't be posting here. Also to say the devs haven't done anything over the time you have been gone is pretty wrong. Since I have been back they have introduced a whole new puzzle and even announced that they are working on a way to get YPP on the App Store for tablets, which I'm pretty sure you would see a lot of people come to the game from that. Also even the merge of the oceans is a development too, no was a pretty big feat when they did it. I think the devs are still coming out with stuff and try to even more frequently then they did before. However not many new players are joining the game and sticking around, and the majority of the playerbase I would say are all veterans of this game, which makes it hard to try to retain people once they have pretty much done everything the game has to offer. I don't think they should close the game altogether now either due to the projects they are working on, which I think in the tablet version, will bring a lot of new people to the game.
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