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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
By Nors on Meridian:

Title: The Legend of the Krakens and the Infestation of Monkeys

*Using British English here, the most of the some spelling would be different; i hope there are no chinglish :)
-not sure about the time, due to time difference

Word Count : 1493

In this medieval age of colonization, unification and crusades, knowledge and communication have been brought across the known world through conquerors, travelers and explorers.

The world have always been looked down upon by a group of deity. There are different classes of people and creatures, with little or high intelligence. Magic are being practiced by a small group of people whilst the ordinary live a life to survive in this world that peace is often a luxury. Magician sells some of their art in physical forms such as potions and recipes in exchange for power and riches. People who can't afford to defend themselves go to powers and exchange for protection through taxation and live a short but peaceful lives.

Explorers travel and settle at places where they found amusing. Soon maps and maps have been recorded between the land and the sea, where the world has also been separated into two halves, the advanced West and the mysterious East. Travelers found a way to the riches by trading between colonies, where merchant class emerges. People who take pride in pillaging their goods followed.

It is at a state where half of the advanced West being colonized by a strong Imperial empire. A young merchant and explorer set off from the East in the hope to bring back technology from the West. His name was Zheng He. He was one of the first to sail a long journey in the open ocean as the high sea is deemed dangerous, and there are few merchants who sail it returns home. He and his newly invented fleet called the fleet of ships who was later known by the world as fanchuan or junk has shocked many colonies of their destructive combat power and the ability of travelling long distances brought along by the young Yu Jian who became one of the most well known lords (or madam) who roam the sea. One day Zheng's lookout spotted a tropical island which has not been marked on the map. A command was sent down to the fleet to anchor where the admiral's ship will go close and explorer the island. A massive castle structure was also spotted afar and Zheng decided it is a good chance to trade with the island's inhabitant. Unfortunately before they reach the island a few strangely shaped ship appeared and forced them into battle. When the first enemy boarded Zheng's ship the whole crew was shocked. A beautifully gingered coloured furry beast yelled out, "All Hail King Banana, the juicy goods of these mortals are ours!"

Zheng's army lost due to an element of surprise and the crew was brought to whom is known to be the King, Banana.

Banana : What are you doing in my waters
Zheng : I beg your pardon? We explore in the name of my empire to the West to trade. We spotted the island and wish to exchange some information and technology with our weapons, dish and furnitures
B : Interesting, we are also planning on a journey in the West, with these cloth clipped together with signs and inscription on them, trading for gold and fruits.
Z : I would happily take your men ... I mean warriors of furs on board in exchange for some knowledge and gems, and, the cloth ... are called books, sir

Together a mixed fleet set off with different aim. It was observed that these furry warriors are dangerous with fruits in hand but they are always in shortage of weapons as they eat their opponents' weapons a lot.

They parted when Zheng arrived in this port of the West which now belonged to the Imperial Empire. It is an important marine port to the empire who is now expanding out into the sea. Little are known about the friendly furs to Zheng but rumours are heard that some trade their freedom for accompany and some continues to roam the sea searching for the way home.

One day Zheng was in an inn enjoying the chatter and reading one of the book the monkeys gave him. He caught attention to a page describing the colours of the world. An unknown colour named black caught his attention and also a small passage about the tails of a beast, the Krakens.

The page goes:

I have traveled a long way and reached these mysterious colonies who sell a beautiful cloth called the silk. They make excellent clothes wear and would be the best merchandise I could find, with nobles willing to pay gold and gems in exchange for these wonderful cloth. I have decided to take the sea-way to make transporting easier for my men. One cold night where we were sailing along the coast a storm hit and the ship drifted far far out into the sea. No one knows where we are heading until one morning we wake up, where we hear a collision sound. Next thing my lookout reported back to me was that we are sailing alongside floating ice. We lost control of the ship and we can only let the wind take us where they want us to go. Luckily we bought a lot of supplies to last our days. The atmosphere was still merry with songs in the air and cards game played. Rums filled our lungs and nobody was worried. Then a period of time where the nights are long and the days are short. We must be sailing to the end of the world.

... ...

Today something unbelievable happened. During the short daylight, one inexperience member of the crew told me that he saw a big shadow in the water. As soon as he said, our ship was shaking and when i went out of my cabin I saw it. I saw this beast that have a lot of tentacles and is huge! It grabbed hold of the ship and looked down upon us and I got a feeling that he was hungry. My warriors prepared themselves and the bravest all attack this beast's tentacles. Dark coloured blood was splashed on the deck and the beast disappeared angrily into the deep. Some silk wear my warriors have been wearing soaked the blood in and looked extremely fashionable and soon the whole ship do it.

Due to his exclamation of the tale a few curious cats gathered around him with the story being read one by one aloud and words race through the town. Zheng returned to his crew and continued to explorer into the depth of the unknown Ocean in in hope to find the lair of the Krakens in hope to bring glorious news to his king. No one from the West knows what happened after but no one ever claim to see the crew again.

Experience sailors have gathered themselves on high-sea adventures to hunt the beast. The news was passed and a lot of colonies tried to find it and claim the beast. Merchants set off to find my information and also trade with these warriors. A new group of people who called themselves pirate of the sea also emerge to plunder the innocent ships which falls into their pray.

But the hunt couldn't last long against the toughness of the high sea. People sailed south in hope to find this legendary monster also discovered these groups of islands; far from the Imperial Empire who, the greatest enemies of the pirates reining in the West and so people slowly settled down. They called them the Oceans of their own and territories are split between the strongest powers of pirates. A few Oceans have been named classifying the waters. Pirates fight inside their Oceans to claim the precious land. Even the Imperials have heard of these miracle like island they named the group of Earth-sea and sending forces to try claim it as theirs, landing outposts to prepare for their big plans.

Years after years they go out in hopes to find the Krakens but yet, no one have ever spotted them.

One night in an inn on an island within the Earth-sea, an old salt sat at the bar slowly sipping down his drink. He started telling the folks that he, had found a reliable tablet of some kind which alongside the compass, would point out the path to the Krakens' lair. A young seaman bought him a drink and he asked, "Old man, how are you to be so sure of this tale." Then the old man turned and looked at this young guy with an evil grin, and said, "Yes, because i confronted them, and I always created them. My name is Cleaver you naive boy". And he vanished into thin air.
Yours Truly
Nors on Meridian
nobody of Meridian

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