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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Sparrowhood on the Emerald Ocean

The Tale of The Familiar and our Pets.

Before the time of pirates, their politics, and pillages, lived a lad named Orus who thrived in unity with all the creatures of the earth. Orus was a kind lad who could be found making friends with any person or creature he came upon, often dwelling among the untamed, tending to their needs and cares, regardless of the risk to his person. Orus was not the most revered nor was he of the highest intelligence, but he had the largest of hearts.

While roaming through the forests of his home island mid-afternoon, Orus came upon a little monkey, caught by his tail by a small avalanche of rocks. Being the man that he was, he refused to leave the little marsupial to his fate and took it upon himself to free the little critter. Although the monkey clawed and spat at him, Orus removed enough rocks to grant the little monkey his freedom. As soon as he did so, the creature began to change form, into something more in the shape of a man then a monkey. The man now standing before him took his time gazing at Orus, as if he was still adjusting to seeing through the eyes of a human man instead of a monkey. Before Orus could make a decision to flee, the man spoke, telling Orus of his origin, naming himself Ocean Master.

Orus new of the Ocean masters, the legends that created their world, and took care of those living within it; he knew they were fickle gods, giving to anger or kindness like the tide. Prepared for the worst Orus was astonished at the gift the Ocean Master chose to bless him with in return for his help, the gift to converse with all creatures of the world. The Ocean Master had looked into Orus? heart and knew that this skill would help Orus to live his life to the fullest. The god then departed, leaving Orus to speak with the beings that had gathered, drawn by the presence of the Ocean Master.

As time moved forward, Orus, now blessed with the ability to truly understand the fauna he met, continued to help the hurt animals and build relationships between them and humanity. He took great pride in a friendship he struck with a little monkey, naming him OM, in remembrance of his gift. The familiar followed Orus wherever he went, frequently sitting upon his shoulders and watching while he worked. As news spread of Orus? ability inhabitants of other islands began to reach for his assistance in treating critters and Orus began traveling the ocean, in a small boat to help in treatment. As he traveled he helped to deepen the relationships between the animals and the people of each island.

While traveling in his small sloop, one dark night, OM by his side, Orus heard loud booms echoing through the tide. As he traveled closer to the nearest island the thunderous sound continued to grow more dominant and through the smoke Orus could see what appeared to be a ship larger than any he had ever seen; an enormous beast shooting fire from its belly, towards the island. He quickly headed for land, called by the sounds of the animal inhabitants crying for help. Orus and OM ran through the island aiding those they could, and helping others to escape. When at last the cannons fire began to fade Orus took shelter with OM in a nearby tavern and the tales he began to hear were unbelievable.

Those in the tavern began to speak of large ships full of people welding large swords who called themselves pirates. These pirates were here to take over the island in the hunt for treasure and brought with them odd clothing and foods. The pirates had settled into the local iron welder?s home and were telling everyone that no harm would come to them if they gave up their gold. Being the brave lad that he was Orus thought to use his gift of speaking to animals to see what sorts of information he could gather on these pirates, so he snuck out of the tavern and headed to the town ironmonger.

As he drew near to the building he was caught by a group of pirates heading back from plundering. They grasped him by his collar and pulled him into the ironsmith?s home. After speaking with the pirates and informing them of his gift, as well as guaranteeing them that there was no treasure to be found on the island, he convinced them to set sail and leave the island in peace. The captain of the crew, as they called themselves, was convinced that Orus was telling the truth and asked Orus to travel along with them to help with the locals. Orus seeing how he could reach more animals decided to take the captain up on his offer, bringing OM along with him.

After months on the ship, the pirates began to notice Orus? interactions with OM and how close the two had become. Orus, had also gained the help of different species of animals at each island they met, such as gaining the assistance of elephants when lifting large pieces of wood or making repairs to the ships. The captain saw the usefulness of having different creatures on his ship and began to allow more and more creatures aboard.

Each of the pirates seem to strike up unique relationships with the animals, some gaining smaller familiars such as octopi that would ride along on the shoulder of their pirate, others gaining friends with larger species that would assist in their daily duties. As they traveled to each new land new creatures were discovered and Orus would complete introductions. Some of the new creatures would come along and some animals would stay on the new islands. Other crews began to follow after and soon pirates everywhere could be found with what was deemed as pets or familiars. To this day pirates still take great pride in building relationships with all species of animals, whether they be air, water, or land dwellers. Orus fulfilled his destiny and from that day forward pirates carried familiars and worked alongside the animals.
Sparrowhood Senior Officer of Call of the Sea

Emerald Ocean

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