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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Faeree of Emerald

How Scarves became Familiars

Amidst the lonely islanders at home among the fog lived tree dwellers who longed to get out of the trees. You see, these fog islands started to turn the islanders mad and to prevent the tree dwellers from breathing in this poison (and to avoid the crazy folk roaming the land) it lounged for days and nights amongst the tops of the tallest palm trees eating nothing but coconuts and palm fronds.

It was there that tree dwellers would see foreign travelers arriving and battling these mad folks for trinkets and what they could only assume would be valuable items to these travelers. One day a tree dweller, lets call him Bob, noticed that these travelers were taking bits of fabric and other items they adorned themselves with upon leaving.

Bob really, really wanted to leave the island. He was bored of eating coconuts and the sun was causing him to break out in stripes on his already striped body. He also didn't like the fog or the islanders. What he did like was the look of the travelers and their ship that would let them come and go as they please.

Bob decided it was time he made his way to the travelers to ask for passage off this island. The first traveler he happened upon ignored him when he tried to get his attention. The second traveler stepped on Bob before he had a chance to make his acquaintance. Finally, the third traveler he met looked down at Bob mesmerized. Bob stood up on his haunches and asked the traveler for safe passage off the island. The traveler said he could not offer safe passage for islanders saying the islanders were tainted. Bob tried to explain how he lived in the trees and did not breathe the foul air that warped the islanders minds.

The traveler looked down and sadly stated that Bob was still an islander and thus considered tainted by the ship's crew.

Bob, thinking fast on his, erm, tail said that he wasn't a real islander but a neck adornment left behind by the last group of travelers.

The traveler chuckling to himself agreed with Bob saying that he was a lovely 'scarf' but 'scarves' could not speak or move of their own accord.

Bob, getting the gist of what the traveler was saying asked what he would require to get Bob to be a 'scarf' and to take him with the traveler. The traveler inclined his head and said that his neck could use a new scarf but he would require Bob to act the part of a scarf. When Bob asked what a scarf does, the traveler said that the scarf would be wrapped around the travelers neck and stay their until the traveler removed it from its neck.

Bob thought about it and asked if that was the only thing he had to do. The traveler then said that if Bob wanted to be his scarf he would ask that Bob travel the oceans with him as his scarf.

Bob liked the idea of traveling the oceans. He was tired of sitting in trees. He thought that a neck wasn't so different than a tree and the traveler seemed like a nice enough fellow.

Bob agreed.

The traveler picked Bob up, wrapped Bob around his neck and gently patted Bob. The traveler then said, in my lands you are known as Serpent and are a prized being amongst my people. But until we get back to my lands, you will need to be a scarf in order to keep you safe and not be thrown to the seas.

Bob happily agreed and quite enjoyed being a scarf as well as being seen as a prized being.

The other tree dwellers were fearful for Bob. However a week went by and they saw Bob, wrapped around the neck of a traveler, happy as can be.

This is how the Serpent came to be a scarf and a familiar!
Faeree ~ Illustrious Wanderer on all oceans ~
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(Is it wrong that I'm now just a tiny bit in love with Faeree's brother?)

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