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Posted by Aeternis at Apr 30, 2013 3:56:22 PM
Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Locu of Cerulean.

I decided to use colour coding instead of Names as it's more fluent to read.

666 words including title according to (and I didn't even aim for that.

How Whisking Potions Work

Locu and Dexla are standing aboard a ship to pass the time till round 4 of a blockade starts

Yarrhoys Dex, ye want to ask some questions again?
Yarr, Locu yer such a know-it-all so you surely can explain how whisking potions work?
Sure, just give me a minute to fetch some stuff.
Locu vanishes below deck and after some strange sounds he emerges with some cuts across his face and blood dripping from his beard.
Nothing to worry about, just a scratch, but what did ye ask again? Oh, yeah, whisking potions, right?
Then listen closely, though it's pretty straight forward. Ye just drink the bottle of whisking potion, then point to the island ye want to travel to and swoosh all turns black and you are there!
Any more questions?

Em, Locu, I did not want to know how ye use them but how they work...
Oh, sure, just give me a minute to fetch some stuff.
Oi, ye've already been getting some stuff. So tell me!
Wut? Oh, yer right, looks like I did!
So how to use a whisking ...
LOCU!!!! Oh, right, sorry...
As ye surely know there are 2 'offical'ingredients for a whisking potion. Cowslip and Cubanite.

Yes, and how does that help.
Easy. The first one is cowslip. Cowslip is this nice, em cramped flower. It has 2 purposes like the name already says: Cows and slips!
For the exact use and differences of slips yer too young, but they also teach you the birdcall for cows, so you can ride on them to other islands.

Locu, what is a cow?
Oh, a cow is a big 4-legged animal that gives milk (stuff that landlubbers drink instead of rum) and loves cowslip.
Locu unravels a poster of a cow eating cowslip.
See? That's a cow!
Um, but it doesn't have wings.
Yes, but you surely know the expression cock and bull story?
See, a cock has wings and can't fly and a bull flies and doesn't have wings. Bulls are male cows, so cows can fly too!
Em, suuure...
So where was I? Oh, yeah, So when ye drink that potion you directly do the cow birdcall.
I just burp!
Exactly! That's it and with the aroma of the cowslip and the special vibration yer body does after drinking the potions cows are attracted immediately.
So when the first cow arrives, ye hop onto her back and point out the island ye want to travel too on yer map.

What map?
Yer pirate map, the one ye always carry with ye. There, directly beneath the sofa in your booty.
Ye look at my booty?!?
Em, nevermind. Ye show the cow where ye want to go to and off ye go!
But if it's that obvious, why doesn't everybody know that?
Ah, now we come to the second ingredient. Cubanite! It's a stone from Cuba. What's Cuba famous for?
Exactamente! And this cubanite we have here is nothing else than condensated cigar smoke, so potent it lets you forget everything that happened in the last few moments and just leaves a black period in your memory.
Would ye really drink it again if ye knew what it does beforehand?
Actually cows only fly under the influence of cubanite, but that's another story.

Ok, sounds plausible, but why can I empty that bottle nine times?
Ah, now we come to the real secret. Why do you think a whisking potion is called whisking potion?
Emmm, because you can sort of whisk to another island?
No, it's because of the secret ingredient. Cat whiskers! As we all know a cat has nine lives and what is less known, they are stored in their whiskers! So just add a cat's whisker and ye can drink 9 times. Any more questions?
Sure, what was that about slips?
Em... I think you should ask that again in a few years...
Em, I think i have to run... Fair winds, Dex!
Bye, Locu
Locu on Cerulean and Opal (and some other Oceans)

Check the Rack at Phakey's Tailor Stall on Tinga for nice clothes!
Locu's Weaving Stall on Tinga and Cranberry

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