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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
By Darkfaery of Cerulean

Word Count: 785

Title: How the Dragons Came to Be

Once upon a time, there was an island inhabited solely by animals. Here you could find colourful parrots, furry seals, fearsome tigers, cheeky monkeys, and many more exotic creatures. Another that called this island home was a species of lizard. Now this particular lizard wasn't known for its beauty and frequently, it would be a victim to harsh pranks and teasing. They would comment on how nasty its skin was and how no one will ever want to be friends with it. At first, the lizard merely put up with the comments but as days turned into weeks, it began to grow very sad and tired. The lizard would see pirates come to the island and befriend the other animals. Often the animals would choose to go with the pirates on exciting journeys. However, nobody ever seemed to notice the poor lizard.

One day, a monkey came to the lizard and said, 'Lizard! I come bearing good news! There seems to be someone who wants to meet you!'

The lizard perked up upon hearing this and his eyes shone with hopefulness. The lizard followed the monkey, who lead him to an old ship. He came aboard the ship and saw nobody in the top deck. He decided to inspect below deck, where he noticed a figure near the bilge pumps. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the figure was made out of straw. Just as he was climbing to the top deck, he felt the ship beginning to move. He ran the rest of his way up and saw that the animals had pushed the ship away from shore. He panicked and jumped off the plank, having to swim ashore. The animals all stood at the beach, laughing at his expense. It was another cruel trick.

The monkey shouted, 'You didn't really think someone came to befriend you, did you? Someone as ugly as you will never find a friend!'

The lizard began to shed tears and walked away in embarrassment. Filled with an overbearing ache in his heart, he headed toward his special hiding place. A place that only he knew about. This place was a beautiful clearing in a meadow, with an assortment of flowers and the greenest of grass. It was here that he finds peace, far away from the others. While he was sunbathing in the grass, he suddenly noticed a flurry of colours in the corner of his eye. Turning, he saw that it was a rabble of butterflies. 'How beautiful!' He thought, 'If only I had those wings, I would be just as beautiful as they!' Then someone will want to be my friend!' In excitement, he scuttered off into the nearby jungle. He climbed different trees to gather twigs, vines and leaves. He wove them into a pair of wings that he could wear. When it was finally ready, he put them on and tried to flap them, hoping to fly like the pretty butterflies. After several hours of trying to fly, he flopped on the ground exhausted and still attached to his new creation.

'THUD!' Without warning, the lizard was now crushed beneath a pirate that just magically appeared.

'Ow! What in the seven seas did I land on now? I must have a word with the other Ocean Masters about the quality of those whisks!' Said Gaea, rubbing her sore backside.

With a grunt, she pulled herself up and took a peek at what she crushed. Low and behold, it was a creature she had never set eyes upon before. It seemed to have scales and wings that were badly damaged by her fall.

'Oh my goodness!' She said.

She noticed that the creature did not stir and lifted it up ever so gently. Gaea was very saddened as she loved all living things.

'I'm so very sorry! I will use my sacred magic to heal your wounds!'.

Using her special energy, she touched the creature, who in turn was enveloped in a green light. A bright flash followed straight after. When her eyes cleared, before her sat a beautiful creature with a long tail, beautiful wings, and scales that seemed to shimmer in the sun.

'Wow! I've never seen something as unique as you!' She exclaimed.

The lizard looked over his shoulder and saw that the twigs and leaves were now transformed into real wings. With a happy grin, he leapt into the air and flew circles around Gaea.

'My name is Gaea, I would love to show you to the other Ocean Masters! Will you be my friend?'

The lizard nodded joyfully and perched on her shoulder, as she began to whisk away.
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