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Posted by Idrael at Apr 30, 2013 3:26:01 PM
Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Idrael of Emerald Ocean :)

How the White Named Bot Came To Be...

Her tears were washed away, her screams left only on the ears of the fishes, and her last breath taken away in white bubbles to the surface. Her hands were left reaching for life, her eyes searching for the reflection of the moon on the surface, and her black hair dancing with her white dress all around her. No one would know what had become of Felicity, though many would dream of her, until such dreams moved on and left her to her watery grave. Nothing of her was to be remembered. Not her love of pinching the sand with her bare toes, nor how she would snort if she laughed too hard or even how rough her hands were from gripping the helm till her knuckles turned white. She was swallowed up by her greatest love, betrayed and doomed to the end of time. He had stolen her life, only to leave her soul in an empty shell, left to walk among the Coloured names but forbidden to ever become one of them again, or even tell them what happens when you sink into Davy Jones' Locker... Her death sentence had one purpose- to serve the Coloured names for eternity, without them ever knowing that she existed, without them ever knowing that there was a soul and heart underneath the white name of Lovesick Forrester.

To feel the sand underneath her toes again, and the wind kissing her cheeks, to be able to laugh with others was all that Felicity longed for. But this would never happen, simply because the Sea had taken her and forced her into a shell that looked nothing like her, and plastered above her head, a white name- a name she had never known. The Sea may have stolen life from Felicity, but she had something he could never take from her- her dreams. The Sea needed her trapped soul to operate the empty shell, to say, "Aye-eye" when ordered to station by one of the Coloured names, or to say "Ok" when asked to move, or even, "Reporting for duty" when called aboard. Even though she was forced to do such things, she treasured every moment because she for a brief moment in her eternal bondage, she felt a bit of life coming back into her soul. She may not be able to feel the salt-water splash up against her, nor the wind in her hair, or the smell of the ocean, but she could imagine such things. She would watch the Coloured names every step, every movement, imagining as if they were her own, hoping that one day she could break free from her doom!

A whistle awoke Felicity-Lovesick Forrester from her wondering mind. She was called aboard the Coniferous Clownfish, Verdant Sloop owned by Idrael of The Assasin Kings.

Silly Josiah has come aboard.
Refined Hoshi has come aboard.
Lovesick Forrester has come aboard.
Lovesick Forrester says, "Reporting for duty!"

The pink named Idrael walked up to Felicity. With her lips turned upwards, she tucked a flyaway piece of blonder hair behind her ear. Her electric blue eyes were like nothing Felicity had seen before, they almost seemed to dance in the sunlight.

"Ready to go fight some Brigands and Barbarians? And who knows, maybe we will even find ourselves some good ol' Kraken blood! Course you are, a bot is always ready." She said with a slight chuckle. And so they set sail, searching for adventure!

What had started out as a peaceful fun loving pillage, soon turned deadly. The warm sun was gone, leaving freezing rain in its absence. The once smooth, emerald waters now black and untamable, and the gentle breeze now a whip against tender skin. Felicity knew what the Sea wanted- but he couldn't have her! But she was too late for the main sail was gone, leaving only a useless splintery stub. The water below deck was rising too quickly to bilge away. A whistle pierced through the screaming wood and the raging sea. Felicity started screeching as loud and as defiant as she could! But not a single sound escaped her closed, emotionless lips. Then the blackness came...

Felicity awoke in her normal storage spot when she was not needed by the Coloured Names. But something was different. Standing on the other side of the dimly lit room was a new white name. She had light auburn hair, but it wasn't the arrival of this new bot that was strange. It was her eyes. She knew those electric blue eyes. A tear escaped and trickled down Felicities cold cheek as she realized who the new bot was. It was Idrael.
Idrael of Emerald <3

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