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Posted by Ghazool at Apr 30, 2013 11:01:59 AM
The pirate daughter and the mysterious spell:
Ghazool from Meridian

Word Count: 1464

How did the pirates lost their noses:

Once open a time in a far far island a poor pirate lived in a modest cabin with his young beautiful daughter named Siren. Although the pirate was poor, he felt so rich in his heart for having the loveliest girl anyone could have imagined. Her long and wavy hair was as light as the sun and her beautiful hazel eyes would melt anyone's heart! Above all she was so vibrant and full of life that it was enough for her to enter any place and fill it with so much joy and happiness.
It is too bad that life is never perfect and that you can not keep yourself from all the jealousy and hate, especially if the most established pirate in the ocean is madly in love with you.
She knew that there was something special between them , something that you could not trade for all the gold in the world:, their hearts were connected.
The pirate daughter never cared about people's behavior towards her: she was what she was and she believed kindness would find its way into people's hearts one day soon. She tolerated the jeers and calls from the pirate boys and, she never complained about the harsh things that the pirate girls were saying about her: that her father is so poor, and that her lover is only with her while she is pretty and young and as soon as he finds a better lover he will leave her.
She thought that her love of everyone around would change the others' perception of her, but she was wrong, for not everyone?s heart was as kind as hers. Jealousy grew and strengthened in the others, and one night thirteen wicked pirate boys and girls gathered together and planned the most dark and shameless trap for her, The boys wanted the pirate daughter to be theirs and the girls were sick of hearing the boys' lust after her.

One night when the girl's lover was away exploring the dangerous waters, the dark hearted girls invited the pirate daughter for a drink to their mansion. She was so excited and happy since she never been invited by them anywhere before - she thought finally my kindness has melted their hearts. Alas! she could not be more wrong!

She entered into the dark mansion and found herself surrounded by those thirteen.

"Hello?" she called

There was no answer. It did not feel right, something was wrong, but she convinced herself they were just joking around. However, her legs started to shake and she struggled to catch her breath.

In barely a croaky whisper she asked: "What are we doing?"

"HUSH!" a voice answered; "your days of glory and joy is going to end. You really think the richest of the all pirates will choose you as his wife? Not after you lose your nose!"

And that was it, one of the girls pulled out her sharp sword and cut off the pirate daughter's nose whilst the others held her fast. There was blood all over her face and on the beautiful handmade dress she had carefully chosen for the event. The pain from the wound caused her to pass out...

When she weakly opened her eyes, she was left on the dock, her body wet from the cold rain. She tentatively brought her fingers up to where her nose had been and found just a messy wound. She ran to her cabin, went to her room, locked the door and covered the windows, so no one would ever see her again, especially her charming lover!
Her heart felt like a heavy bag of sand in her chest, something was changing inside her.

Siren! her daddy called,You don't want to get out of bed? It is already late, beautiful.

Beautiful! No, she did not want to hear that word anymore! Unable to keep the pain to herself she burst into tears which soon became frenzied screams. The old pirate broke down the bedroom door, and immediately averted his gaze as what he saw in front of him was too shocking.

Tired of all the battles on the sea, the lover returned to the inn to have a few drinks. Clutching his bag full of colorful starfishes that Siren liked to collect, he hurried into the bar whilst looking around to find his loved one, only she was not there!
He sensed some kind of unusual attention toward him, eyes staring at him from darkened corners and the words that were being muttered had an ugly sound.

Where is your lovely Siren, big shot? someone said loudly from the other side of the inn.

He was too tired and worried to get into a challenge with anyone Clenching his jaw hard trying not to answer, he headed out of the inn to the pirate cabin, certain that he would find Siren there. What awaited him there filled him with consternation, for the pirate daughter was avoiding him and he was astounded by what he heard from her dad!

Leaving his lovers place with a heart full of hate and horror he went back to the inn. Banging the door open he started to shout crazily, swearing revenge for her on all of them.

For a long time no one heard much of them: the pirate daughter would venture out occasionally wearing a veil, but the other pirates smirks and put-downs made her hide herself in her damp cold room.

But where was her lover? Maybe the mean pirates were right in telling her that he wanted her only for the beauty of her face! After the day that he left promising her vengeance, she had not heard from him.

The Lover was busy seeking Madam Yu Jian at sea, for he had heard a myth that she would grant a rich pirate a mysterious spell in exchange for all his wealth. After days and nights of searching, he managed to board her ship in battle. He could hear her angry voice threatening him and her crew ran towards him with weapons drawn, when he yelled ?STOP! I would like to meet your Madam! Tell her I am ready for the mystery trade.
Moments later he was kneeling in front of her with tied arms.
So! What do you want? The mystery spell can be anything that your heart desires, but be aware, if you wish for wealth!

I want to take revenge! said the young pirate.I just need you to make a spell that makes people noseless!

I can do that. My crew will return with you to take all your worldly possessions, and then you?ll get what you desire? The deal was done.

Back on the island without a single poe in his pockets, he blew the powder that he had been given from Madam into the air. By breathing its mystical ingredients all the islanders will lose their noses as they slept.

Next morning, he visited the cabin. Siren was so happy to see him, it had been so long since she had been able to smile this way. Keeping her tight in his arms he asked her to take off the veil that she wore continuously.

Come on Siren, I will always love you for what you are, no matter how you look!?

My darling I am sorry, for I am going to refuse.

Siren, listen to me: trust me and come to the inn. I took the promised revenge.

What have you done? ?asked Siren, tears running from her sad eyes. I would never want to harm anyone, what they did to me belongs in the past.

I am sorry my love, but it had to be done, so people would start to think that beauty is not only on their face, maybe now they start to look inside each other.

Siren stepped outside of her cabin, and as they reached the dock she saw pirates standing there staring at each other. None of them had a nose, they were all quiet with a shocked look into their eyes .

The young pirate holding Siren?s hand told her the story of the revenge.

Now that I lost my wealth ,will you still love me? Will you stay with me as my wife and be forever beside me? If you just say yes we will go to the other part of the ocean and start a new life together, far from this crowd.

Foolish boy, I will always love you, and my answer is yes.

Walking back to collect her things, they were heading towards a new destiny together. Although he did not have his wealth and she had lost her external beauty, they were standing there together and she now knew it would last forever.

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