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Posted by Commando3ps at Apr 30, 2013 6:01:51 AM
Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Mannet from Meridian

"How Cleaver's seahorse wandered into Atlantis?"

The small seahorse was afraid, he ran behind the rocks and couldn't belive the greatness infront of his eyes. The legendary rumored city sunken into the depts of the ocean, Atlantis.

10 years ago...

Daniel, son of the greatest chef in town, who recently decided to begin the dangerous adventure to wealth and glory, became a pirate. He had a seahorse on his shoulder, Ippo, that he had raised since he was a kid. Ippo was a present to the boy from his grandfather, who was also a pirate, a well known one infact, back in his day. His grandfather told him "Daniel, if you can take care of this seahorse, I'm sure you'll become a great man one day." Daniel didn't really understand what gramps had ment by that and accepted the gift.

Daniel and his friends set sail in a small ship that they built in the local shipyard from the money they collected over the years. When all of the people stepped aboard, they were no longer just friends, but a crew, that would help lead each other to greatness. They made a promise not to return home until they are all wealthy and infamous.

They hadn't sailed far from the island, when already they were under attack by a group of pirates just like them. Many cannon balls were fired against the enemy and they managed to break the enemy ship's mast, so it was no more moving for the enemy. They grappled the ship and went aboard. The battle begun.

Suprisingly Daniel and his crew were quite good in fighting against the enemy. Probably because they had practised fighting with wooden swords since they were kids. After they had beaten the opponents, the crew went to loot the enemy ship. While the rest of the crew headed towards storage room, Daniel went in search of some food, because he had left the shore with an empty stomach. He found the kitchen and in there, he was ambushed from behind by the chef, who had been hiding in there. Daniel managed to dodge the blow and turn over to face the enemy. Daniel was about to draw his sword, when he noticed that it was not there. The chef had cut Daniel's belt, where the sword was attatched, and was now lying on the floor. The chef quickly launched another attack and Daniel had no time to get his sword, he saw a cleaver on the table, where, from the looks of things, the chef had made the crew some fancy lunch. Luckily for Daniel the cleaver was in his reach, so he grabbed it and used it to defend against the blow and immediately stroke back. He was amazed of it's effectiveness, so he decided to fight with that from now on. He now had forgot all about the food he came for and joined up with his crew.

After the crew had looted the goods, they started to sail again on the vast ocean. About an hour after the pillage, the weather had changed from sunny windy day into a stormy rainy one. The crew had to use all their strength to keep the ship on course. Daniel went to tigthen the ropes of the sails, when suddenly he stumbled on the wet floor and fell. But he wasn't the only one, Ippo, his seahorse, fell from his shoulder into the ocean and there was nothing Daniel could do to save him. He and his crew had to escape the stormy seas and you could see the tears pouring down from Daniels eyes. He said "I'm sorry Ippo, take care of yourself and stay strong, we'll meet again someday."

Ippo was taken by the sea current and he was tossed around till the storm calmed down. Ippo found himself at a place that was unknown to him. He started to swim to find out where exactly he was, when he pumped into a shark. Now it was time to get out of there. The shark started chasing him and the chase continued for a long time.

The small seahorse was afraid, he ran behind the rocks and couldn't belive the greatness infront of his eyes. The legendary rumored city sunken into the depts of the ocean, Atlantis. Lucky for him the shark didn't see, where the seahorse had escaped to, so he could finally relax a bit.

Ippo headed towards the city and for his surprise there was a war going on. He slowly sneaked into the city. The streets were filled with fights, after a little while, Ippo realised that every fight he had seen, there was always atleast one octopus and seahorse in it. He saw an octopus lying on the ground and went to ask why there is a war going on and before he could even finish his question, the octopus yelled "Here is one, get him!" Ippo thought it wasn't a good idea to stick around any longer and started running. Ippo thought to himself how he has to first run away from a shark, and now from the octopus army. Ippo went around the corner and suddenly something grabbed him and pulled him away. Few seconds after he realised that there was an octopus. Ippo immediately tried to start running away, when the octopus finally pulled him back and said "Don't worry, I'm friendly." Ippo introduced himself. Octopus said "I'm Tommy, nice to meet you."
So Ippo asked Tommy what is going on here and Tommy explained how Kraken, the new leader of the octopuses, thought that they can't share the city with seahorses. The leader of the seahorses wasn't too happy to just to leave and give up on their home so a war broke out. "So why are you not participating in this war?" asked Ippo. Tommy told him that he doesn't agree with Kraken's ideals. So after a bit Tommy asked Ippo "Would you help us take Kraken down?" "Us?" asked Ippo. Tommy laughed. "I'm not the only one that doesn't like Kraken." Ippo agreed to join them and Tommy and him headed towards the hideout where the rest of his allies are. On the way there Ippo told Tommy about Daniel. Tommy was very interested in the story.

They finally made it to the hideout that had many octopuses there, atleast a hundred, if not more. They told Ippo about the plan they had. Ippo was supposed to lure Kraken into an alley where Kraken's size and strength wouldn't help him much. Ippo agreed on it, and they commenced the operation.

Kraken was lured into the alley and because of the super strength, he collapsed the buildings and buried himself under it. Kraken had fallen. Some of the blood he lost, well, it was really a mixture of his blood and ink, is now collected by humans.

Ippo became a hero of the city and the leader of the seahorses, Tony, offered him an opportunity to join the army of the seahorses. Ippo accepted the offer, thinking he could stay here for a bit and learn some new stuff. Tommy on the other hand after hearing the story of Daniel from Ippo wanted to go on a journey to meet some humans.

Nowadays Tommy is sitting on Daniel's shoulder, but how he got there is a whole new story.

To be continued. (maybe)

Note: It's not really a pourquoi, more like a half pourquoi and half adventure tale. (mostly because I didn't really pay much attention to the "pourquoi" story contest =D Also English isn't my native language so there might be some mistakes in the text.

Thanks for reading.

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