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Posted by Okeanos7 at Apr 29, 2013 8:26:22 PM
Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Okeanos of Cerulean

Title: How the Unicorns Became Pets

Word Count: 1406

Hidden in the ocean (5 legue points west of Kirin and 4 south of Corona), there was a mystical island. It was surrounded by a dangerous reef, protecting it from all outsiders and preventing unwanted company from stumbling accross its inhabitants which, of course, were unicorns. Now the unicorns had peacefully lived on the island for hundreds of years. They roamed the tranquil valleys and drunk from the mountain streams.

One fateful day a fierce storm sprung up. The sky darkened and the trees shook from the thunder. The unicorns were frightened and retreated up the mountain, where there was less wind and rain.

In the rough seas a ship could be seen, tossing backward and forward from the fierce winds whipping the island. They watched as a gigantic wave carry the ship up high into the air, over the sharp reef, and landed it on a sand bar just near the shore. Many of them wanted to risk the storm and see if they could reach the ship, hoping to offer what assistance they could. However, the storm was too great. They could only watch as the pirates scuttled about the ship while saving what they could before the supplies were dragged out to sea.

Once the skies cleared and the wind calmed, the unicorns left the mountain peak and made their way down to the ship. They grouped together and slowly approached the ship. A few of the pirates were laying against the ship, playing cards and watching the ocean. Most of the pirates were herded in a large group arguing with the one who wore the colourful hat.

"We're stranded ain't we cap'n?" said one of the pirates.

The one with the colourful hat gently patted the pirate on the shoulder. "She just be run aground, when the tide rises we may yet set her free."

"But the reef! How're we..." began the pirate, when he finally noticed the new arrivals.

All the pirates stopped shouting and turned to stare at the unicorns. After a bit of nudging, the oldest unicorn stepped out from the herd and approached what he assumed was the lead pirate.

"And what manner of beast be ye?" asked the pirate, looking at the unicorn.

The unicorn couldn't understand the pirate; All he could do was stamp the ground, swing his horn and stare at the pirate. He realised he was not helping when several of them pulled long shiny sticks from the clothing and began to back away.

"Wh..what do we do captain?" said one of the shorter ones staring at the unicorn and the others behind him. "Should we kill it?"

"Kill it? Nay lad! One does not kill such a magnificent creature!" Shouted the captain, cuffing the man in the back of the head. He waved for the other sailors to lower their weapons and approached the unicorn with his hands out. "Calm yerself down, We mean ye no harm."

The unicorns stopped and stared at each other, unsure whether to run away or listen to the strange sounds from the pirates. They were still standing there when a loud groaning began from the earth itself.

"What is that?" asked the pirate, putting his hand against the ship to stop from falling over.

"A quake!" shouted the captain, "Get everything tied down and stowed away! Get yerselves below deck!"

The crew started pushing each other and scrambling around in their panic. Several pushed passed the unicorns in their hurry, causing them to rear and run back into the jungle in fright.

The captain mournfully watched them for a moment before hoisting himself back onto the ship. The pirates had tied and stowed everything down and were waiting to see what would happen. Looking out towards the sea, a line of grey could be seen slowly to be growing more defined.

"Captain! A tsunami approaches!" shouted one of the sailors hanging from the rigging.

"We're doomed!" said another, slumping against a barrel.

"We're saved!" said the captain with a mad glint in his eye. "This might be just what we needed."

"Aye," said another hopefully, "It can free us from this cursed isle. It will be washed away and good riddance!"

The gleam rapidly left the captain's eye and his shoulders slumped forward. "True enough lad, true enough." The first mate started to get everything ready for the oncoming swell while the captain wandered the deck. The crew avoided the captain, unsure what had suddenly caused the change in his nature. With a jump the captain lunged for his cabin, sending sailors sprawling on the deck. Loud noises could be heard from the cabin before the captain returned, clutching a red bag high above his
head triumphantly.

"Make her ready and get the cargo out on deck." said the captain to the first mate as he vaulted the rail and began to run for the island.

"The empty boxes? but Why, captain?" shouted the first mate.

The captain didn't answer and disappeared into the jungle, desperately trying to find and follow the tracks of the unicorns who had fled from them. He knew the sea moved fast and he wouldn't have long to find them. He eventually came across them standing in a clearing, drinking from an underground swell. The looked up and began to back away toward the jungle.

The captain spread his arms wide and talked quickly and calmly. "A wave's coming. You either come with me, or you're doomed."

The unicorns still couldn't understand the crazy pirate and nervously pranced about the clearing. The captain began pointing in the direction of the sea and motioned large waves crashing against the shore. But this caused the unicorns to back away even more. In a final act of desperation the captain threw a large rock into the water and pointed to the ripples which covered the front hooves of the nearest unicorns. He pointed at the effect then pointed at the ocean behind him.

The lead unicorn stared at the human for a moment before stepping forward and cocking its head to the side. The captain got the feeling it was saying "So what can we do about it?". Slowly the captain pulled out the red bag and from it a device which looked like a long shiny spyglass. He pointed back toward the ocean and motioned the unicorns to follow him. They began to run back toward the ship, but the captain was tripping over roots and brushing aside low hanging branches from his path.

Letting out a loud 'WHIIINNNNNEEYYY' the lead unicorn lowered his head, and lifted the captain up high onto his back where he managed to hold onto its mane. The herd pounded through the jungle back toward the ship and stopped just around its sides. Looking out to sea the captain could see the tsunami had just cleared the reef and was bearing down on the ship. He could see the deck was covered with the empty boxes like he'd asked and the crew was staring at him like he was a madman. Unstoppering the device in his hand the captain pointed it at the unicorns and swung it over the unicorns. A beam emitted from the end of the device and as it shone on each unicorn, the animal seemed to stretch and be pulled into the tube. Once all the unicorns were inside he closed the end and opened the other, releasing much smaller unicorns back out into the empty boxes on the deck.

The captain had just finished letting the last of the unicorns out when the wave hit the ship and threw him against the railing, the device spinning out of his hand and landing into the rising water. The ship rose with the water and was propelled clear across the island. It just managed to scrape over the reef onto the other side.

After many hours, the sea eventually calmed and the captain stood before his stunned pirates.

"I thought ye'd gone mad!" said the first mate clasping the captain on the shoulder.

"Me too, friend." laughed the Captain. He stared at the now full boxes which had survived the journey.

The first mate scratched his head, "Now what're we meant to do with this lot? The island's surely been washed clean. There's no home for them there."

A mad, lopsided grin appeared on the captains face.

"We'll sell em per box. We are pirates after all."
Okeanos of Cerulean
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