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Posted by cannyman2 at Apr 29, 2013 4:51:22 PM
Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Shaka of Meridian
Word Count: 670

Note: I am British so some words may be spelled differently compared to American English. Thanks! (Eg. color vs. colour)

How Male Pirates Lost Their Nipples.

The man stopped in front of Vickie, he stood tall and broad and she could feel his presence; there was almost a mystical aura surrounding the figure. Vickie contemplated this for a moment, but then folded her arms and thought quite positively that chances were it was just the smell of foul breath and putrid body odour which had appeared not long after he had appeared.
She looked up, "I don't mean to seem rude and laugh, but why on earth must you stand so close to me?" she asked, picking up courage as she spoke. The man seemed to notice her now, at first it was as though his gaze had seen right through her, but now it was quite clear he was staring right at her. Vickie looked at him straight in the eyes now, this didn't take much effort as the man was clearly the same height as her, but she glared at him with aggression; it was clear to her, he wasn't looking at her back, but rather at her cleavage, hidden by folded arms.

"You seem like a gal' with a pair of fine personalities", exclaimed the man. Vickie raised her eyebrows in disgust, she retorted, "These aren't my personalities Mister and I'd appreciate it if you gave me more room", the man looked up now at her eyes and said with a cheeky smile, "Well they sure be lookin' like your personalities luv'". Vickie gasped,"Get away now before I have you reported to the J.A.P.D.", trying to step past the man and move away to a different part of the dock. He grabbed her arm with a heavy hand, "Hey little dock tart, I didn't say you could leave." shouted the man.
Vickie turned now, her face had changed, instead of appearing innocent and fragile as she once had, her features had become stern and full of fury. It was as though the mans words had stirred something deep inside her mind, a lost memory had returned and she felt revitalized yet ready to burst all at once, "What the scupper did you just scuppering say about me, you little tart? I?ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Lima Navy", and with that she pinched the mans nipples through his indigo jerkin, turning her hands as he began to scream in pain.
Pirates across the dock turned to see the commotion, some began to hurry over to help the man who seemed in great distress but it was too late, Vickie had finished the job she had started so suddenly and the man lay slumped on the dusty floor, blood beginning to stain the areas from where his nipples once belonged.

As quickly as the violence had started it stopped, but now Vickie's figure began to contort and twist in terrible ways, the man looked up with fear in his eyes and saw Vickie begin to change, a beard grew from where her supple chin had once been, her hair grew shorter and slowly she took the form of a tall man, she began to laugh heartily, a laugh which resonated from her belly and was heard by every pirate across the island, "Hohohahaoho! You foolish man, dare you prey upon the women on these docks and believe you can escape unharmed, for this I can do but one thing, as the lord of the Sea's and the barer of addictive puzzles, I, Cleaver, will never let a man grow nipples again, to remind you all throughout life that you must treat women with respect and not judge your female counterparts by the size of her chest!" and with that, he disappeared into dust. The once strong man looked down at his torn Jerkin, with tears in his eyes he realised that the apparition had not lied, where his nipples had been only skin remained, he held his head low and mumbled to himself, "If only I could patch, then I could stitch on a new pair."
Shaka on Meridian
Roro on Emerald

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