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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013]
Diastole of Meridian
Word Count: 1490

Note: I am Canadian so some words may be spelled differently compared to American English. Thanks! (Ex. color vs. colour)

The Artist Behind the Easel: How Portraits Are Painted

In the Viridian Ocean, a young lass by the name of Annette grew up working at her father's distillery. Each day she would help produce hemp oil to sell throughout the archipelago. She tended to find herself overcome with boredom, falling asleep many times throughout her work. She would dream the most fantastic dreams and only wished of a way she could somehow record them.

While running an errand for her father on Dendrite Island, she noticed from the corner of her eye something of a bright pink colour. As she came closer she saw that it was actually a plant: a broom flower. She plucked it from the earth and tucked it behind her ear as a souvenir. When she returned home she got right back to work. As she wiped the sweat off her brow, her hand brushed the flower that she had forgotten about. She pulled it out from behind her ear and started to fiddle with it until she noticed that her hands were suddenly covered with a pink coating. As Annette was a bright lass, she came to the quick realization that the addition of the flower to the hemp oil had made this colourful paste.

On all of her following voyages Annette would search the land and gather all the colourful plants she could find. In a few short months she became very experienced in foraging for these plants and even found out that some minerals had the same effect when added to the hemp oil. She had hidden small pots of each coloured liquid in her room and would lie in her bunk each night pondering about what she could use them for.

When she awoke from a very magical dream one morning she finally figured out how to make use of the colours. She began to paint her dreams onto paper so she could never forget them. Every morning she would record her dreams and quickly became a very skilled artist. Her father immediately recognized her art as something special. He began to spread the news of his daughter with this one of a kind talent and soon Annette had a waiting list of subjects to paint.

Annette began painting portraits of pirates, families, and crews and became widely recognized in all the oceans. By the time she was old enough to move out of her father's house she was the ultimate forager, alchemist, and painter with a large sum of PoE to prove it.

One evening a carrier pigeon brought her a jobbing invite from the governor of Lima Island. The offer invited the artist to travel to Lima and create some portraits and paintings for their palace. Annette immediately took advantage of the opportunity and within a week she was settled in and ready to work. She finished the requested paintings with great ease and each was so exquisite that they were hung immediately.

Annette fell in love with the people and island of Lima and she quickly bought a row house so she would never have to leave. She set up a studio inside of her home and although she was in a foreign land she still received customers endlessly. The people were always grateful for her work and kindness, she even found herself giving out free portraits from time to time.

In one occasion a lad about Annette's age entered her studio dressed in dirty rags with a scruffy beard. He asked for a portrait which she kindly agreed to. While she was painting the man they chatted about many things: their childhood, family, likes and dislikes, even about the future. They joked and laughed, she was spellbound by his intelligence and charm. Annette found the man to be so intriguing, even endearing, that the time spent painting flew by. When she had finished the portrait she offered to give it to the man free of charge since she felt like she wasn?t working at all. The man politely refused and said, "I came here to see what all the fuss was about and I ended up getting a splendid painting and the chance to talk to an amazing woman." To which he gave her PoE and proceeded on his way. Annette was taken aback by the comment but soon found herself blushing with a fluttering heart. A moment later the man returned, poking his head through the doorway.

"I'm sorry to be a bother again, but I didn't catch your name."

"You were far from bothersome, I had a wonderful time. I'm Annette," she replied, grateful to even see him again.

"Ah, a beautiful name to match a beautiful woman. The name's Benjamin." With a wink and a click of the tongue he was off again. She couldn't even try to rid her stomach of the butterflies.

Two days later when the same man with the scruffy beard walked through Annette's studio doors her heart skipped a beat. She tried to conceal her surprise and delight but the butterflies had returned. "I didn't come here for a portrait," he said with a smile. "But in hopes of another chance to talk with you." Annette?s heart melted on the spot.

"I guess I could make time for you somehow..." she replied jokingly. "I would still love to paint you either way, your features are too handsome to resist."

And that's how it began. Every day Benjamin would return to spend time with Annette and each day she would paint him. After months of this routine it was clear their feelings were strong for each other. He had expressed his emotions for her and she admitted to feeling the same way. He told her she was perfect and that he wished to spend every moment with her. She had never felt so special and wanted by anyone before. They even made plans for their future together: finding a home, marriage, and even a family.

In bed one night Annette decided the next morning she would tell Benjamin that she loved him. She really did, he was always on her mind and she believed that he was her Prince Charming. She fantasized in her head how she would go about telling him and worried if he would say he loved her too.

In the morning she paced around the room waiting for Benjamin to arrive. Each minute made her more nervous but more excited. Finally she sat down and decided she would try to relax herself by painting. She had an hour to spare till 10 in the morning, the time he usually arrived. Painting always made the time pass quickly and before she knew it an hour had passed. Benjamin still hadn't shown. A feeling of confusion over came her, why wasn't he here? She thought logically and came to the conclusion that he probably had errands to run and he would come when he could. With that in mind she continued painting while waiting for him to arrive - except he never did.

The sun had already set and now Annette was worried. "Maybe he has forgotten?" she said to herself. She dismissed this reason quickly. "He never forgets! Sure, sometimes he arrives late but he has shown up every day for the past seven months! Where on Earth could he be? Maybe there is a family trouble; maybe his mother has become ill. Yes, that's probably it!" With that she head to bed, not fully convinced. He'll be here in the morning full of apologies. I?m sure of it. She thought to herself before drifting asleep.

Annette became obsessed with waiting. She would jump towards the door every time she saw a figure approaching, sure that it had to be him, but it never was. It was always just another customer wanting a portrait. She still accepted since she needed some way to pass the time but she continually found herself glancing towards the doorway.

Every night was the same; a struggle to fall asleep because of her extreme worry. Each day a waiting game; when would he show? Days, months, years had passed with no sign of Benjamin. Annette continued to paint for her customers, continued to wait. She had convinced herself that he will come back and she remained to think this way until she drew her last breath.

Some say she passed away due to natural causes but most believed she died of a broken heart. They say her spirit is still waiting for him to arrive and she still paints portraits for pirates to pass the time. One man even claimed to have seen Annette while getting his portrait painted and interacted with her. He had offered for her to stay with him and his wife because she seemed rather lonely.

"Thank you, that is very thoughtful of you but I will politely decline," she said with a smile that seemed to light up her almost transparent figure. "Benjamin will be here soon."

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