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Posted by Emmillie at Apr 25, 2013 5:43:47 PM
Re: [Entry Thread]Adorominable Spring Break! [Deadline April 28]
Emmillie of Cerulean!

My little Yeti loves the Spring, hence the oddly decorated grassy-green walls and goofy blue flooring (such an odd taste in interior decorating she has), but those darned Springtime thunderstorms fluff her adorominable fur right up and make her terribly grumpy. When it storms, she sulks in her big pink chair and waits for it to pass, though I think she should invest in some anti-frizz cream and/or go play a board game during the rain.

Prize preference:
1. Sloop
2. Longship
3. Egg and furniture

EDIT: I derped up on the size. Resized it now! :D
Emmillie of Everywhere! (but mostly Cerulean)
Avatar by Yumisa! :D

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