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Posted by Booful at Apr 25, 2013 10:07:56 AM
Re: Pixelpixie's Spring Avvatars
I will be closing my shoppe temporarily so i can catch up with my waiting list of commissions as well as work on some more background art contests! You can look back for a re-opening of my avatars in the late spring early summer!!! <3 Thank you for the interest !!!
Yours in Pixel art!
~ Pixelpixie ~

Current Waiting list:
Emmillie (traditional/digital)
Gluiperd (traditional)
Blackwonka (digital ~ in progress - sketch done)
Deialar [pd] (digital ~ in progress - sketch done)
Darkfeary [pd] (digital ~ in progress - sketch done)
Apolline [pd] (digital ~ in progress - sketch done)
Nimfie (digital - sketch done)
PixelPixie; I collect Sunfish, Angelfish, Blowfish Pixelpixie avvy's Avvy by me

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