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Posted by grobanite at Apr 16, 2013 4:49:45 AM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
Thank you! I'm an aspiring blacksmither. I had learned a lot of the same tips as you when working my way through the puzzle. I'm now at Master and seem to get better the more I play.
I found this guide fairly helpful, especially your tip about the rum jugs. I never planned where I put those. So I'm excited to try that.
However, I don't understand what you mean by "outlet" pieces. You use the word "outlet" in your description of them, so that didnt help me all that much. Could you maybe describe what it is better?
The descriptions for dead and risk pieces were good though.
Also, could you maybe explain more what you mean by "path to the rum jug"? Since you kinda say you're not planning out all your moves until the endgame, I don't quite understand how you can plan for your rum jug. But this may also be because I havent played with getting it in the corner yet.

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