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Posted by Clotho at Apr 4, 2013 9:09:20 PM
Re: Question regarding "new" prizes
Available for request, if OM approves?

The new event furniture items will remain 'OM events only' for the time being. So no, at this time we will not be granting them upon request.
Only unanswered one I think has been:
I have a rouge sloop on meridian. I want it on emerald for an event.
Response: case by case basis? Or...? I was slightly confused on that.

This one is tricky because it's not an absolute. I can't just say a blanket yes or no - the quality of the event, judging parameters and experience of the host play a big part on such decision.

As example: if someone who has never run an event asks, or if the event has no clear-cut judging parameters, etc. - the answer will probably be no. On the other hand: if the player asking has run a number of successful events, the judging parameters are clear and the event is large enough, then we might consider approval. In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to ask once a proposal is ready!
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