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Posted by Pixulayted at Apr 4, 2013 8:45:36 PM
Re: Question regarding "new" prizes
We have info now!
Are we allowed to request any of the following as prizes?
Some have been awarded during in-game competition prizes:

The event-only furniture currently not listed as artifact such as: Ancient vase, Anubis jar, Anubis statue, Blue urn with treasure, Broken yellow urn, Decorative cannon balls, Decorative small cannon balls, Horus jar, Yellow urn with treasure - will remain for OM events only for the time being. This will likely change over time, but not just yet.

Available for request, if OM approves?

The monthly gifts that have only appeared (so far) in Royal blue? (Like the Vampiric candelabra, Guys, or the skeleton chest.) Can we award any of those?

Those are part of what's considered LE furniture or LE colors- as mentioned above, if an event host owns one and wants to use it as a prize on their event, it's fine. However, they will not be provided upon request like we occasionally do for the artifacts, sleeping pets or event eggs.

If I managed to confuse everyone more than they were before, or if any detail is still unclear, please let me know :)

Only unanswered one I think has been:
I have a rouge sloop on meridian. I want it on emerald for an event.
Response: case by case basis? Or...? I was slightly confused on that.

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