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Posted by Dexla at Apr 3, 2013 12:59:02 PM
Question regarding "new" prizes
There have been some recent additions to the furniture scene over the past year and I was wondering what rules apply if we were interested in using them as prizes.

Are we allowed to request any of the following as prizes?

Some have been awarded during in-game competition prizes:
Anubis Statue, Horus jar, Anubis Jar, Blue urn with treasure, yellow urn with treasure, Ancient vase, Decorative cannonballs

There was one month where the Anubis Statue was awarded in a Limited Edition mystery box (wine). If we avoid LE colors, are we allowed to use them?
What about items from the monthly gifts that have only appeared (so far) in Royal blue? (Like the Vampiric candelabra, Guys, or the skeleton chest.) Can we award any of those?

There have been other items award in LE color mystery boxes, that have not been available anyplace else, and are not particularly of a LE color: (example) Poker chips, Vampire book case, Skelly candelabra, smuggler wine crates, explosive barrels, bombs... can we consider these?

I think that's all... or at least the ones on the top of my mind.

Working on something :) would like to know asap!
Dexla d'Midnight

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