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Posted by Booful at Mar 29, 2013 9:30:27 PM
Re: Easter egg hunt !!! ~ win sloop and eggs !!!
it has come to my attention...that to identify which bunny is the actual Easter bunny it will need a name!!! So I am adding a BONUS event:
Name the Easter Bunny !!!
For the event you must (you guessed it) name the bunny...however since I will be stuck with said Easter bunny for all eternity I will be slightly biased on the name.
Yes there will be prizes!!!
The winner will win a easter egg and trinket as well!!!

Here are the parameters on naming the bunny!!!:\

1) named after a famous artist: you must name the bunny (preferrably One word name) after any famous artist - and give a reason why you chose this name/artist (names that WILL NOT be considered since i already pets with them are: Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet)


2) Named after a concept/ideal (eg: Liberty, Justice ... positive ONLY please!!!)

So go ahead name the cute lil rodent!!! (POST NAMES IN THIS THREAD!!! Naming event closes April 12th at 7:30pm pirate time :D)

**details added to the OP as well**
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