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Posted by Notsizzly at Mar 22, 2013 3:37:27 AM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
I want to bring sunshine to your day, hence why I'm posting again! That's because I'm so all around awesome person and magnificently wonderful.

Saying that 'players pay the wages' is as true as saying 'players don't pay the wages' - I thought it's obvious why. There indeed, are drawbacks on spending too much time listening to the players and responding them, but then again, there are drawbacks in not doing so, too. Most of the time, the magic 99%, everything and anything has always the pros and cons, two sides of the story, advantages and disadvantages - I don't see a point in arguing over that kind of a simple, basic nature of anything that exists in this world (unless of course, in this context, it's an idea discussed in Game Design).

Anyone can demand anything s/he wants. It's up to, in this case, Three Rings to decide what they'll do if anything. That shouldn't be seen as a reason to stop asking for more or better - if nobody ever wants any changes, then there's no point in developers and development at all, is there?

I'm bringing up the foraging bug again, as an example of why it would be beneficial for Three Rings to confirm (actually, I guess, commenting at all about it) what's up with that. The thread was created, the bug has been reported probably several times by now. The bug has been discussed over and over again. It keeps popping up in in-game discussions ever so randomly, when players don't understand why the duty reports change from poor to incredible, while they're puzzling method doesn't change and they're doing as the tutorial tells them to do. This will probably go on for forever, we keep talking about it, we keep demanding to fix it, we bring it up unnecessarily when it could be avoided by having Three Rings giving an official confirmation if it is a feature or a bug - and yes, I'm aware that by doing so, they'd be setting themselves in a situation where they should be doing the same thing for all the possible bugs, demands, questions and whatnots that we players bring up. The question is, is it more beneficial for Three Rings to not to confirm what we think is a bug (and deal with the never stopping complaining about it) or to confirm either way (and ...well, deal with whatever that brings)?

Uhh..peace out. I need to spend some more time in the inn than on the forums. I need my eggs. I NEED.
~ Sizzly of Emerald ~
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